How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock

There are a lot of people who don’t like Apple and their products, but there’s one thing at least everyone can admit: Apple is a leader in offering top notch security for their products. Take the iCloud Activation Lock system for example — this software keeps your iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other Apple product protected in the event that you lose one of those devices. If you have an iPhone, and you leave it at a restaurant or coffee shop somewhere, iCloud Activation Lock will prevent anyone else from using your smartphone.

You might not remember enabling something like this when you first purchased your iPhone either, and that’s because you didn’t have to. Every new iPhone that is registered and logged in with an Apple ID has iCloud Activation Lock enabled automatically. Neat, right? You shouldn’t ever run into an issue where you have to get rid of iCloud Activation Lock, but in the event that you do need to disable it, we’re going to you how.

If you follow along below, we’ll take you through a quick couple of steps to disable iCloud Activation Lock.

Disabling iCloud Activation Lock

If you’re ready to disable iCloud Activation Lock, be sure to have a computer ready, as we’ll need to navigate to iCloud on the Web.

The first step is, in your browser, go to Log in with your Apple ID. You’ll be taken to a page with a bunch of iCloud apps at your disposal.

Next, click on the Find iPhone app. This one is easy to spot, having a green radar logo on it. You might have to enter your Apple ID password once more to access this app.

At the top of the page you’ll want to click on the All Devices tab. Choose the device that you want to remove the iCloud Activation Lock on. In this example, we’re using our iPhone. Select the iPhone, and then press the button that says Erase iPhone, denoted by a green trash can.

Once the device has been erased, a new option will appear that says Remove From Account. Click this option, and the iPhone will be removed from your iCloud.

How To Enable iCloud Activation Lock

If you decided that that wasn’t a good idea and that you want to put it back on your iCloud account with the activation lock, the process is easy. Like we already mentioned, iCloud Activation Lock is automatically enabled with all new devices. That means enabling iCloud Activation Lock is as simple as setting up the device again and logging in with your Apple ID. Once you do, your iPhone is automatically protected with this extra layer of security again.


As you can see, disabling your iPhone’s iCloud Activation Lock is quite easy. It does require erasing your iPhone, but please keep in mind that that is the only way to do it. There are websites out there that will offer to “bypass” the iCloud Activation Lock, but the truth is, they’re unable to — all they’re doing is phishing for your personal information, such as passwords and email addresses.