iPhone 7 vs LG G6 Specs Comparison

LG has realized that most users couldn’t care less about modularity—they simply want a polished smartphone with modern features and a sleek design. Their new flagship smartphone, the LG G6, is arguably the best-looking smartphone the South Korean company has ever produced, and it’s only appropriate to compare it with other gorgeous smartphones, namely the iPhone 7.

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It’s true that Apple has released the iPhone 7 last year, but Apple products keep attracting hordes of customers months after they first hit the market. This specs comparison is an epic showdown of two beautiful high-end smartphones from two vastly different manufacturers, and there can be only one winner.

Design and Build

While Motorola still firmly believes that modularity is the future of smartphones, LG has decided to abandon it and, instead, focus on the basics that make up a great mobile device. As such, the G6 features several improvements that greatly enhance its overall build quality, making it extremely appealing and highly functional.

Featuring an aluminum and glass frame available in black, white, and platinum, the LG G6 completely blows the iPhone 7 out of the water in terms of design. While the iPhone still looks great, it’s easy to see that its design is now almost two years old. Despite ditching the 3.5mm audio connector, the iPhone 7 is actually less water resistant, featuring only IP67 water and dust protection, than the LG G6, which is IP68-rated and has a 3.5mm audio connector.

What the G6 doesn’t have is a dedicated home button. It was moved to the back of the smartphone to make room for the 5.7-inch screen, which occupies 80 percent of the front side. Compared to the iPhone 7 and its 4.7-inch screen with relatively large bezels, the LG G6 is clearly superior and much more refined.


Apple has made customers pay attention to how many pixels smartphone screens have, but the display of the iPhone 7 is at least a generation behind the LG G6 and its stunning 5.7-inch display with an 18:9 ratio and a 1,440 x 2,880 resolution. The iPhone 7 has a 4.7-inch LCD display with a 750 x 1,334 resolution, which adds up to 326 pixels per inch.

Numbers aside, the 4.7-inch LCD display of the iPhone 7 is actually not bad at all. The resolution might not be impressive, but the image clarity, color reproduction, and very high peak brightness make up for it. If you like to watch movies on your smartphone or enjoy playing the latest mobile games, the LG G6 is better in every way, but if you just want a reliable smartphone for communication, web browsing, and photography, the iPhone 7 won’t let you down.


Perhaps surprisingly, performance is where the iPhone 7 blows away just about every smartphone on the market. The A10 chip that powers the iPhone 7 is approximately 40 percent faster than the A9 chip used in the iPhone 6s, and its performance is just fantastic. It’s paired with only 2 GB of memory, but Apple knows very well that the smartphone doesn’t need more simply because of how well the operating system is optimized.

The LG G6 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, which is “designed to support superior connectivity, graphics, photography, power and battery efficiency and helps set a new bar for smartphones, tablets, and mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays,” according to Qualcomm. In benchmarks, the A10 chipset is 6 to 30 percent faster than the Snapdragon 821, but the real-world difference is miniscule. Like most other flagship Android smartphones, the G6 comes with 4 GB of RAM so heavy multitasking isn’t a problem.


Apple’s smartphones are synonymous with high-quality mobile photography. The iPhone 7 features a new 12 MP sensor with optical image stabilization and an f1.8 aperture. The smartphone produces vibrant pictures even in less than great lighting conditions, and the same applies also for video recording.

Beating Apple at their own game isn’t something every smartphone manufacturer should attempt to do, but LG seems to be prepared. The G6 comes with not one but two rear 13 MP sensors, one with a 71° standard lens and the other with a wide 125° lens, allowing you to always fit everything in frame. Optical image stabilization is also present, and the overall picture quality is on par with the iPhone 7. Good job LG.

Storage and Battery Life

The iPhone 7 may be more powerful, but how good is an ultra-fast chipset if you don’t have enough storage capacity to install a few AAA games to test it out? It’s true that Apple offers 128 and 256 GB versions of the iPhone 7, but the prices are ridiculous. The basic 32 GB is what most customers will buy. Unfortunately for them, those 32 GB is everything they’ll ever have at their disposal, because Apple hates MicroSD cards. On the other hand, LG has no problems with them, and anyone can add up to 256 GB of storage capacity to the G6 for a very reasonable price.

The iPhone 7 also falls short in terms of its battery life. In 2017, the 1,960mAh battery almost feels like a joke. The G6 comes with a 3,300mAh battery, which can comfortably last an entire day, plus it supports Quick Charging. If you need to remain productive for as long as possible, forget the iPhone 7 and get the LG G6. Alternatively, stock on portable power banks and charging cables—you will need them.


Not only does the LG G6 come with the latest version of the Android operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat, but it also sports a modified version of the LG UX user-interface. The new LG UX is designed to take advantage of the 18:9 aspect ratio, making it possible to show two apps at the same time. You can have a web browser right on top of an email client, or see two IM conversation windows at the same time.

If you’ve ever seen or used an iPhone, you probably know what to expect from the iPhone 7. Despite countless small improvements and several new features, the iOS operating system has remained true to its roots. While die-hard Android users might find the latest version of iOS a bit too restrictive, people who aren’t technically inclined will surely appreciate its simplicity and usability.


Considering that the LG G6 costs slightly less than the cheapest version of the iPhone 7, we can’t see why anyone besides people who are extremely fond of iOS would go with Apple over LG. The G6 is much sleeker and more well-rounded smartphone than the iPhone 7, and Apple has to come up with something spectacular for their upcoming release of the next iPhone to change that.

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