How To Watch Fox News Live Online Without Cable

You already know that your cable subscription is expensive, and pricing might even possibly continue to climb. It can be outrageous, especially if you only use a couple of channels in 100+ channel package. That’s why a large majority of people are looking to finally cut the cable subscription, and use one of the no-contract streaming choices out there that are way more affordable.

However, before you cut the cord, you want to make sure that you can still keep up with your favorite and most watched channels. So, if Fox News is a big channel for you, follow along with us below — we’ll show you all of the ways that you can watch it live online without cable.

Streaming Devices

Fire TV

One of the best ways that you can watch Fox News live without cable is a streaming device. There are tons of different streaming devices out there, with many offering all sorts of live channels like Fox News. In fact, some of the popular streaming devices that you’ll find support for it is the Amazon Fire TV Stick — and other Fire TV options — the Roku, and even the Apple TV. They all support the Fox News channel, allowing you to watch live TV on them.

You can sign-up for a cord-cutting service, download the cord-cutting service’s app on one of these streaming services, and watch Fox News live that way. As an example, you could download the Hulu app, sign up for Hulu with Live TV, and start watching the Fox News channel live that way. Some of these services even offer a way to record segments if you’re gone, a la DVR.

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Like we mentioned, Hulu is an excellent way to watch Fox News live online without cable. Once you sign-up for the service, you can watch Live TV and stream on-demand. One of the many channels it offers is indeed Fox News.

Hulu with Live TV is a little pricey at $40, but way more affordable than cable. They also add value by bundling Hulu streaming in the package. If you’re not sure about Hulu with Live TV, there is a free trial you can check out before signing up to make sure you enjoy the content available first.

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DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is another place you can watch live Fox News content, actually quite similar to Hulu with Live TV. One of the cool things about DirecTV Now is that AT&T bought the company behind. So, if you already have an AT&T account, you might be able to get added discounts if you sign up for DirecTV Now. You’ll have to consult your own account to find out for certain.

Watching Fox News on DirecTV Now is super affordable with DirectTV Now. That’s because it’s bundled in their cheapest tier — the “Live a Little” package. So, you’re only going to be paying around $35 a month for a little over 60 channels, with Fox News being one of those.

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another option. Like DirecTV Now, it will set you back by $45 per month, but you’ll get Fox News as well as an arsenal of other channels. The availability of YouTube TV channels, however, all depends on what market and region of the United States you’re in.

If you want YouTube TV, you can get it on a ton of difference devices — the Google Chromecast, a supported Android TV, an Xbox One or a supported Samsung or LG Smart TV.

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Fubo TV

It’s worth considering FuboTV as well. While FuboTV is primarily geared towards sports lovers, they, however, have a variety of regular channels as well. That means that they do allowallow you to watch Fox News. Plans start at $45 per month. First-time subscribers get $10 off of the their first month, and there’s a one-week trial available.

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PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is a pretty good choice, largely because the Vue app is so versatile. You’ll be able to watch all your Fox News content with this service, so long as you have a subscription. Sign-up for the PlayStation Vue Access package, which costs $40 per month; however, that is the package that Fox News is bundled with. A 5-day free trial is available for those that aren’t sure about this one.

PlayStation Vue can be watched on your phone, your Roku, the Amazon Fire TV, the Apple TV and plenty of other devices. Get started below.

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Fox News App

And finally, you can also use the Fox News app to watch it live online without cable! Popular belief says that you need a cable subscription to sign-in, and while that is true, you can also use one of the above services to sign into the app as well. That said, it’s an affordable way to watch Fox News, and the app on your phone even allows you to take it on the go.

Get your Fox News app for free below.

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As you can see, there are tons of ways that you can watch Fox News without cable. These cord-cutting services will set you up pretty good, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per month.

Do you have a favorite way to watch Fox News without a cable subscription?