3 Best Ways To Make Money Playing Fortnite

If you’ve grown up in the technology era, you’ve no doubt had the dreams as a kid to make money playing video games. While that may not have seemed very feasible years ago, people all over the world today can actually make a ton of money playing video games; however, you do have to stick to the popular choices out there like Fortnite.

Whether you’re playing Fortnite on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or on the PC, there are ways that you can make money with the game; however, we won’t lie — it takes a lot of work. If you don’t mind the grind, follow along below, and we’ll show you the best ways that you can make money playing this hit game from Epic.

Video streaming

If you’ve played Fortnite at all before, or have done any amount of gaming, you’ve no doubt heard of streaming and how lucrative it can be. It’s pretty simple in its most basic form — you start streaming your gameplay when you log in, and then you can make money from advertising and sponsorships, depending on how large your audience is.

Streaming can be really lucrative, with many top streamers earning well into the hundreds of thousands range, largely from selling sponsorships and ad revenue. And we’re not just saying that — there really are tons of gamers that make a lot of money just playing Fortnite alone. Here’s one example:

Tyler Blevins, using the gamer tag or alias of “Ninja,” broadcasts himself live on Twitch every time he plays games, or even Fortnite specifically. Since he has been able to grow his audience, people are actually paying to watch him play — through donations, subscriptions, and even “bits” that they can send him through the Twitch platform.

Blevins doesn’t just earn money through his viewership though. This can include sponsorships and advertisements that are ran during the stream as well. People didn’t flock to him just because he played games, though. There’s a lot more going on here — he’s entertaining, folks enjoy watching the game, and some people are just looking for some new skills to pick up from “good” streamers. Blevins is actually pulling in well over $500,000 per month in revenue just from streaming money. That number is likely growing, too.

It’s worth noting that you cannot just start streaming and make this sort of money. It’s not a matter of one day just saying “I’m going to start streaming.” It takes a lot of work, and it’s actually very rare for Twitch streamers to make a lot of money streaming games. You will have to spend the majority of your time online, as you want to be available for your audience, and you don’t want to miss chances of other big streamers “hosting” your stream on their channel. You, of course, want to be sure you’re on during peak hours when people are watching, too. And then there’s also the luck to factor in.

If you do decide to start streaming, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. Webcam: a good webcam is imperative to your success. Unfortunately, your viewers aren’t going to connect well with someone that doesn’t have a face. Viewers want to see you and your expressions to different things in the game. They want to see your personality shine through — they want to connect with you as a person.
  2. Get fast Internet: you need fast Internet speed, as streaming your games online and trying to keep a constant, persistent connection to the game servers is very demanding on your bandwidth. That demand is increase if you’re using other platforms to connect with viewers as well, such as social media.
  3. Don’t quit your job just yet. Most people will want to run out, quit their job, and start streaming full-time. As many people will tell you, it’s important to gain yourself an audience and a decent following in order to be able to replace your income before doing something rash like quitting your job. After all, you don’t want to end up homeless because streaming didn’t work out.

Physical & Online Tournaments

Tournaments is another great way to make money. If you practice, practice, practice, and eventually get good enough, you can take part in online and in-person tournaments all around the world. There’s usually an entry fee, but if you’re skilled at Fortnite enough, you can easily make all of your money back and so much more. Online tournaments will usually have small prize pools with no entry fee — often not much more than $200. However, if you’re a top player, you can start visiting in-person tournaments and coming out with a few grand, if you win.

Try Coaching

Again, if you get good at Fortnite enough, you can try coaching other players. Players will often pay for a skilled player to teach them how to be good at Fortnite, or to at least get them on the right path. You can easily make $25 an hour doing this, by simply selling your services online.


These are three surefire ways to make money while playing Fortnite. We’re sure there are other ways out there though — what’s your favorite option?