How to close apps on iPhone XR

If you’re new to iOS, then you’ll probably wonder where and how to get to the Home screen, switch apps, multitask, or do other things you usually do with a Home button. It’s been a decade since the Home button was the center of iPhone navigation. This means that no matter where you were and what you were doing, you can always return Home by simply clicking Home once or twice. But things are no longer the same again ever since Apple introduced the iPhone X. Now that we’ve arrived in a post Home button world, many things have likewise changed.

Apparently, Apple has replaced the Home button with a fluid gesture-based navigation area in order to make room for an edge-to-edge display that’s first seen on the iPhone X. The same goes with the recently released iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR variants. In case you’re wondering how to bring up the App Switcher or how to close apps on your iPhone XR given that the Home button does no longer exist, I’ve mapped out a simplified walkthrough for you to refer to. Read on for more information.

Launching the App Switcher and closing apps on the iPhone XR

To get started, you will need to bring up the App Switcher or multitasking preview containing the list of the recently used applications on your iPhone XR. Here’s how it’s done:

Again, you can no longer double-click the Home button or use the 3D Touch firm swipe. Instead, you will have to use this new gesture:

  1. Touch your finger to the gesture area located at the very bottom of your iPhone display.
  2. Then swipe up slightly until you see the multitasking fast app switcher.

Do not flick but rather just keep your finger on the screen until you get a short way up then pull away.

To close or force close apps on your iPhone XR, simply follow these steps:

  1. Touch your finger to the gesture area from the bottom of the display.
  2. Swipe up slightly and then pause for a few seconds until the App Switcher shows up.
  3. Then lift up your finger when you see the app cards or previews.
  4. To close an app, simply swipe up on an app card.

You can also close multiple apps (up to 3 apps) at once whenever you find the need to clear all background apps on your iPhone XR. Here’s how to get this done:

  1. Open the App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the Home screen, then pause or hold your finger on the display for a split second and then remove it.
  2. When you see the app previews or app cards, place your two fingers on the two app cards and then swipe up to close them.
  3. Or you can also move the primary app to the right to show the third app card and then place your three fingers on the app cards to close three apps simultaneously.

Apple only recommends force closing an app if you need to restart it or if it crashes or not working as intended. Apps you see in the App Switcher are in a suspended state so they are generally not using up any of your phone’s resources. Apple further explicated that force closing an app does not improve battery life as opposed to what most people thought it would. Hence, you should only force close apps when they’re acting up.

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