How To Fix iPhone 6+ Issues After Screen Replacement

We all know that accidents always happen. Even if you have a case for your #iPhone6+ there is still a possibility of the screen getting damaged if you drop your phone. The good news is that you can have the screen of your #iPhone 6+ replaced though the official channels, which is the Apple store, a third party vendor, or you can even do it yourself.

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Replacing the screen of your phone is the cheapest way to do it since you won’t have to pay a service charge. However, if you are unfamiliar with the procedure then something may go wrong. In our latest installment of our iPhone troubleshooting series we will discuss some the iPhone 6+ issues after screen replacement.

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iPhone 6+ Swipe Screen Sometimes Not Working After Screen Replacement

Problem: I have installed a new screen w/digitizer on an iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone was dropped on the upper right had corner and has developed a lag in the screen responsiveness. with a new screen installed the responsiveness is much better but sometimes the swipe screen does not work until I press on the upper right had corner and the the screen responds. Could there be additional internal damage in the upper right hand corner i.e., circuit board, connector, etc?

Solution: Since the issue occurs intermittently I suggest you try to check if the phone software is causing this issue. Back up your phone data then restore your device. Make sure to setup your phone as a new device. Once this is done check the swipe functionality and see if the issue still occurs. If it doesn’t then it was probably caused by a software glitch. You can now restore your data to your phone.

If however the same issue occurs after restoring your phone then this may already be a hardware related issue. This may be caused by a loose connection perhaps. You need to open your phone again and retrace the steps you took in replacing the screen.

iPhone 6+ Error 53 After Screen Replacement

Problem: The screen was cracked so I had it replaced. Once I tried to restore from back up – the phone froze. I cannot turn it off. iTunes gives the Error 53. It cannot be updates, restored or turned off. Please advise.

Solution: You should try to replace the charging cable first and see if this resolves the issue. You should also check the charging port of your phone for any signs of dirt or lint. If you spot any then clean it using a can of compressed air or cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

If the issue still persists then the most likely reason for this is that the fingerprint scanner cable has been damaged during the screen replacement process. This cable connects the phone fingerprint scanner to the board. What you need to do is to have this cable replaced at an authorized service center.

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  1. Please help ! I just had my iphone 6+ screen replaced because it completely blacked out. I could hear my phone ringing but i couldnt see anything.I took it to a repair guy and he put a new screen. Now my sound doesn’t work when i make a phone.. I have to put it on speaker just to hear. Also after he fixed it my front camera doesn’t work.I took it back to him today and he re opened to see if it could be fixed and said that maybe my front camera went out and ordered me one. Nowwwwww my problem is that it keeps cutting off every 5 minutes and will not hold charge at all ! someone please help me figure why all this is happening. I really would have to buy another one after putting so much money into it.

  2. I just replaced my iphone 6s Plus screen it turns on but my screen DOES not work at all. I can’t swipe ive tried to click on apps and still nothing. What can I do to fix it ?

  3. Repair tech here. On item #1, most likely the IC chips in the mother board have worked loose. I’ve had phones come in with broken screens, but working fine. After taking the cables loose and plugging them back in (just that little bit of flexing of the mother board), the IC chips came completely loose. This is an Apple issue due to the flexing of the body of those phones but they won’t admit it. Electronic repair shops that do micro-soldering are getting rich off of these phones.
    On item #2, this will happen if you replace the original home button with a replacement if the software isn’t current. Original home button pairs with original mother board. Apple has fixed this issue with software updates but, replacing the home button will render your touch ID useless.

  4. Hi, last night I replaced my 6s plus screen, have done quite a few and always been spot on, this time I have no sound, I can make a call and have a conversation, the camera front and back is fine, but there is no sound, i.e when playing games, ringing etc, even silent doesn’t vibrate, I’ve tried plugging headphones in but this doesn’t work either, I’ve stripped the phone down and put everything back in place about 10 times now… help

  5. My mom recently got my screen fixed cause I dropped it on a field trip , I just got it fixed Saturday, my screens letters have kinda been fading , & whenever I’m around pictures , like Instagram my phone cuts off , I still get messages but it won’t turn on unless i turned it all the way off

  6. I have an IPhone 6 plus with a cracked screen working. I replaced the whole LCD with a U repair kit off amazon.(which I have used a few times before) I can’t get the cable to go on all the way for one, two when I do it won’t stay down, three got to stay down phone won’t turn on and it is causing me all kinds of problems am i going to have to replace the phone.

  7. I have an IPhone 6 plus with a creaked screen working. I replaced the whole LCD with a U repair kit off amazon.(which I have used a few times before) I can’t get the cable to go on all the way for one, two when I do it won’t stay down, three got to stay down phone won’t turn on and it is causing me all kinds of promblems am i going to have to replace the phone.

  8. The screen on my daughters phone is severely broken. with glass missing around the home button and the forward facing camera and sensors. It was working, but the screen and digitizer obviously needed to be replaced. I do similar stuff at work. So i figured I’d give it a try. My wife ordered a kit off line. I’m not sure what store. Anyway I replaced both the screen and digitizer as seen on every youtube video. After changing it, the phone turned on and the screen works, however it doesn’t respond to touch. So I took it all apart and put it back together. Same thing happens. Assuming the part was bad I took it out and replaced it with the old broken screen…crap now it’s doing the same thing. Screen comes on. Home button works. Touching it has zero response. HELP ME….PLEASE!

  9. Hello, my iPhone 6 broke, so i purchased a generic screen off Amazon, there was then a deadspot, around the letter T when texting, so i bought another generic screen, from another vendor, thinking first was faulty, but have the same problem, pleaseeeee help.

  10. I had my iPhone 6 Plus screen replaced (phone was great only had broke screen) after having it replaced my battery drained really fast so I got a new battery but it still drains really fast. What can I do?

  11. I have an iPhone 6 and dropped it and the battery fried so I had the battery and screen replaced and the phone came on worked for a few minutes and died so they replaced the same thing(screen and battery)again and it done the same thing. Came on for a few minutes and died now they say it can’t be fixed. Any answers to the problem of what it might be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…

  12. I have an iPhone 6 Plus I replaced the screen due to it being cracked. It worked fine for about 2 weeks and then today the screen went black with lines down the right side of it. People can call and text but there’s no way to answer them. Help!!!

  13. I had my screen and battery replaced. Now, randomly my screen will freeze and turn itself off and then back on. Any help why??

  14. I’ve currently tried to replace a screen, And after putting it on it didn’t work no more the phone will get hot when I power it on but no response from the screen.. what did I do wrong?

  15. I’ve currently tried to replace a screen, And after putting it on it didn’t work no more the phone will get got when I power or on but no response from the screen.. what did I do wrong?

  16. I have a ipjone 6s and some touches on the screen don’t work properly after I cianged tge screen and the screen doesn’t go black when I put it to my face what should I do

  17. My iphone fall down and after hours i notic the fuzzy screen, sometimes the screen works ok and the most time i cannot use the iphone because of fuzzy screen
    I dont know the problem come from the internal screen or the internal cable sensor.
    Could any one help me to identfy the problem.?

  18. I forgot to mention I tried to hard rest the phone and also connected it to my computer and it didn’t even acknowledge it was even plugged in…

  19. I replaced a screen on a iPhone 6s+ turned it on and even charged the battery over night all worked like a charm then turned off the phone and gave It back to the person and get a call stating the phone won’t turn on or charge. What could have went wrong?

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