How To Use Apple Watch

The Apple Watch. Is a sweet piece of technology that’s making life a whole lot easier for layman and professionals alike. We’ve already shown you all of the neat things that it can do, as well as the cost of the different models; however, it’s not always immediately clear on how you can actually use an Apple Watch. So if you picked one up for yourself already, but aren’t sure what to do from there, be sure to follow along below. We’ll show you all of the different ways that you can use an Apple Watch, as well as how easy it is to pair with your iPhone. Let’s dive right in!

Setting up the Apple Watch

It’s actually quite easy to setup a new Apple Watch. Apple makes the process seamless. Once you pull it out of the packaging, you’ll want to grab your iPhone and open the Watch app already per-installed on your phone. Then, just simple tap the Start Pairing button. Next, move your phone over to your Apple Watch, and line it up in the camera view the appears so that the Apple Watch is in the center of the yellow rectangle. Finally, your Apple Watch is automatically paired together, and you’ll receive a message confirming this!

How to peek at your Apple Watch screen

If you have an Apple Watch Series 2 or newer, you’ll notice that — on your wrist — the Apple Watch’s screen is usually asleep or extremely dim, such as in the movie theater. It’s actually really easy to “wake” it so that you can take a quick glance at the time, weather, date, and any missed calls or messages. Once you’re done looking at it, the screen will go back to its “asleep” or “dark” state.

It’s simple — just turn the Digital Crown slowly to gradually wake the screen, then turn it the reverse way to put the screen back to sleep. That way, you’ll be able to get a quick glance at necessary information, without bothering other movie goers.

How to remove your Apple Watch band

One area that might not be immediately clear is how you can remove your Apple Watch band. This can be important for, say, wearing a specific band for a night out, and then another for a hefty jog or workout.

It’s actually quite easy to remove and replace:

  1. Set your Apple Watch face down on a lint-free and padded surface (you don’t want to scratch up the screen).
  2. Hold down the band release button for the corresponding side of the band you want to remove, then slide the band across to remove it. Make sure you constantly hold down the release button until fully removed.
  3. Swapping a new one is easy. Just make sure that the text on the band is facing you, then slide the new band into the Apple Watch band slot until you feel and hear a click.

That’s all there is to it!

How to use the Digital Crown

What might not be immediately clear to use is the Digital Crown on the side of the Apple Watch. Here are some neat tricks that you can do with it:

  • Press the Digital Crown inward to see the watch face or Home screen.
  • Double-press it to return to the last app used.
  • Press and hold the Digital Crown to prompt Siri.
  • Finally, you can turn the Digital Crown knob to zoom, scroll, or adjust what’s on the screen.

How to use the side button

Right under the Digital Crown is a side button that you can press. This one is actually pretty straightforward in its function:

  • Press to show or even hide the Dock (this is your main app screen)
  • Press and hold the button to use SOS.
  • Double-press to prompt Apple Pay
  • And finally — as a traditional function — press and hold to turn your watch on or off.

Switch watch faces

You might get tired of looking at the same ol’ watch face all the time. In fact, Apple lets you setup multiple faces to assist you in different activities. For work, you might setup a time and date watch face, possibly one that even shows you missed calls and texts. For fitness, you might setup a Health-based watch face, like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. We could go on for all sorts of activities. However, Apple makes it easy to switch the watch face — to switch between them, simply swipe to the left and right from the watch face to move between your presets.

Send a text message

To send a new text message, simple open the Apple Watch’s Messages app, and tap on the option that says New Message.


These are the most basic functions of the Apple Watch that we showed you how to use. There are plenty more, but as you begin mastering these basic functions, learning to use other ones can be done on your own rather quickly. It should only take a couple of seconds to play with a new feature and master it!