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How to connect iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your TV


Sometimes a small screen doesn’t turn out to be the best interface to view media or present files. You might need to connect your iPhone to a TV in a meeting room in case you forget your laptop or would like to play a fascinating android game on a big screen. Here is a compact guide on how to connect iPhone to TV.

Youtube to Chromecast

If you are simply looking to connect Youtube on your iPhone to the TV, a good way is to get a Chromecast.  Since both the Chromecast and Youtube are produced by Google, they will naturally sync with each other.  Make sure your Chromecast is setup on your TV, then go to your Youtube player on your iPhone, you should see a Chromecast symbol at the top right corner.  Tap the symbol to cast your Youtube content to your TV.

chromecast youtube


av adapter

It is the most reliable wired connection between iPhone and TV.  An Apple Digital AV Adapter has to be plugged in the HDMI port of your TV and the other end to your iPhone. When the iOS device gets connected, you can swipe through your iPhone to see all the stuff on TV screen.

Android TV Stick


An interesting method to connect your iPhone with TV is by purchasing an Android TV stick. Once you plug it into your TV, run Kodi media App on your iPhone with Airplay enabled. Play and enjoy unlimited music and videos on the large screen.



Another way of connecting iPhone to Apple TV wirelessly is by the use of Airplay mirroring. You can easily stream videos, photos and even some games. iPhone model must be 4 or more advanced. Apple TV older than 2010 will not support Airplay.

  1. Turn on Airplay on your TV
  2. Connect your iPhone and TV to the same internet connection.
  3. Next, turn on Airplay from the control settings of your iPhone.
  4. iPhone screen will appear on TV. Use iPhone as the controller.
  5. Play and watch selected media.

App Connection


You might own a Smart TV too along with an iPhone and would like to stream the media from your iPhone to the large screen.  There is a paid app called ArkMC UPnP. It is available for $4.99 on App store. Your iPhone can be connected with your Smart TV wirelessly. All you need to do is connect the both devices to same Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Activate Smart TV’s internet connection.
  2. Run the ArkMC app on iPhone.
  3. Choose the media renderer screen in its options.
  4. Select the media to be played.

Composite Cables


If you own a TV that does not support a HDMI, then composite AV cable can be used to set up an analog network between TV and iPhone. You will have to connect the 30-pin port on iPhone with adapter and the yellow colored cable with the analog video port of TV. After the connection, everything you view on iPhone will be displayed on the TV screen.

Wired and wireless both connections work at their best. You just need to follow the guidelines depending on the type of devices you have. The efforts are tricky but result is entertaining!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article, I totally agree with your choice of the applications and streaming devices. I personally use also ArkMC for MAC, I have recently installed it and satisfied. There is a 14 days trial for free. It works like ArkMC application for iOS but on my MAC. Very easy and quick performance of the application.

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