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5 Tips to Make Your iPhone Faster

Is your iPhone not performing how it used to? Do you experience frequent lags? Are apps crashing on you all the time? Would you like to extend the life of your older iPhone by making it faster? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, this article is for you.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Digital hoarding is a real issue. People hoard old documents, music, videos, multiple copies of identical pictures, saved web pages, and even apps. While most of us manage to maintain some moderation, everyone can benefit from some digital spring cleaning—your iPhone included.

What does a typical spring cleaning involve? Several things, actually. Here’s a brief checklist that you should go through every time you notice that your iPhone is showing signs of slowing down:

  • Delete unused apps: App Store features over 2 million apps, and the number is growing rapidly. If you’re like us, you want to try all the latest hits and make your iPhone as useful as you can by installing apps for every occasion. Unfortunately, the more apps you have installed, the more likely is your iPhone to slow down. Storage space is the obvious issue, but many apps automatically start in the background robbing your device of precious CPU cycles. We recommend you go over every app on your device and try to remember when was the last time you’ve used it. We’re willing to bet that you’ll discover at least a few apps that you no longer need.
  • Delete saved web data: Just like all other web browsers, Safari automatically saves various web data, such as cookies, history, forms, or images, to decrease loading times, offer smart suggestions, and do many other useful things. From time to time, it’s a good idea to give Safari a fresh start by going to Settings and clicking on the Clear History and Website Data option. Keep in mind that doing so will disable URL suggestions until Safari accumulates some web browsing history.
  • Delete old conversations: These days, messages go far beyond smiley faces and few-dozen-kB-large images. Videos, high-quality GIFs, and voice recordings have all become part of our daily text-based conversations, taking up a lot of space on our devices. One of the most common causes of insufficient storage space on the iPhone is the Messages app. By default, it’s set to never delete old conversations. Most people should, however, change the setting to free up storage space. To do so, go to Settings, click on Messages, and change the Keep Messages setting from Forever to 30 Days.
  • Clear app cache: Most apps use the local storage to store user settings, temporary files, or other types of app data. While some developers go out their way to code their apps to take up as little storage space as they can, others are not so considerate. Consequently, it’s not unheard of for a simple app to take up hundreds of megabytes of storage space for no good reason at all. What’s worse, the storage space often remains occupied even after the developer has released an update. On iPhone, the fastest way how to delete app cache is to reinstall the app. An alternative is Jailbreak and a special software utility.
  • Close background processes: While you’re at it, you should close all background processes that don’t need to be running. We don’t advise you to do this because we’re concerned by the amount of memory the apps may take; we advise you to close background processes to prevent them from becoming active occasionally, causing lag spikes. You can do this by double-clicking the Home button, activating the app switcher, and swiping up to close any non-essential
  • Reboot your device: You might be surprised by how much can a simple reboot solve. When you reboot your iPhone, you completely clean its memory, cause all apps and system processes to start again and go through their start-up sequences.

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