5 Best Word Puzzles For Kids On iOS

There are a number of different skills that children at least need an introduction to in their early ages, and one of those is recognizing and spelling words. We want our children to learn how to think better and to learn how to reason their way through problems. Luckily, word puzzles are a great way to improve this cognitive ability. Your child can grow their vocabulary and their practical reasoning skills simultaneously.  And puzzles can be fun for the entire family as you work though the solutions together building a bond as well as knowledge.

Not sure what the best word puzzles for kids are on iOS? Follow along below and we’ll show you some of our favorites. Let’s dive right in.

Word Search Classic

A great word search app that helps your child learn to spell as they play.  This game is very versatile as it has simple words for your grade school child, but can grow with your child with 1000s of words that get complex enough to challenge even adults.  At the easy level of difficulty the board of play is an 8 x 8 square with simple words in the puzzle. Clues can be added to continue to help your young one find each new word. It gets more and more difficult as you go along, with the board getting larger and larger on higher difficulties. Additional features are sound (a child will hear the word pronounced that they are trying to find) and multiple languages available which allows from foreign language learning fun as well.

Download it now: iTunes


Primarily designed for the iPad, Spell-A-Word is a handful of different lessons for your child to learn their letters and words. Spell-A-Word has pictures appear on the screen, and then your child is required to recognize and come up with the corresponding letters him or herself. This large-print, early academic program is for beginning to advanced letter users. It uses an errorless learning method. Spell-A-Word works on identification, spelling, & word recognition.

Download it now: iTunes

Word Beach: Fun Spelling Games

In Word Beach, you are given a wheel with letters on it and from there you use those letters to find as many words as your imagination can find.  This puzzle also has other challenges with word lists and hidden words. There are 4 different modes. Create Words where you find and unscramble letters.  Find Words where you unscramble letters to find the secret word. Word search where you look for a specific list of words to win.

Download it now: iTunes

Pictoword: Fun New Word Games

This is a great family game with multiple puzzle levels of complexity. The game shows you two pictures and you need to combine the pictures to guess the work.  An example is a dog and a house is doghouse. Sometimes it’ll show you the words to the pictures, but as you progress, levels get more difficult, where kids will have to use critical thinking to complete the level. It is a great way to increase your young ones vocabulary and help them to enjoy the complexity of language.  You can set up the game so that it gives easy words to your child and more complex ones to you, so that you can truly enjoy playing the game with your child.

Download it now: iTunes

CrossWord Puzzle for Kids

CrossWord Puzzle For Kids comes up as number one on our list. They place a picture at the front end of each line that needs to be solved.  The child may click on the picture and then a definition is shown. From there the child may learn to write the word through sounding it out and filling in the empty blanks. This game will actually keep your child pretty busy, as there are over 400 puzzles and over 2500 words. With so much to learn in this app, your child will stay occupied for weeks to come. Crosswords help to increase your child’s vocabulary as well as helping them learn how to spell.  It is a great choice for a puzzle game for your child to play.

Download it now: iTunes


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent choices for word puzzles for kids on iOS. Your child has a lot of great and fun options out there that will grow their vocabulary as well as increase their understanding of the the world around them. On top of that, your kids might actually find these puzzles and problem solving fun! Enjoy playing with them and seeing them grow as they play.

Do you have a favorite word puzzle for kids? Let us know in the comments section below.