5 Best Reading Apps For Kids On iOS

As any parent knows, reading is one of the most important life skills a child can have. Sure, reading can provide some immediate fun in terms of stories and fiction; however, it sets them up for success later in life, too. Literacy affects job opportunities, study skills, and general ability to grow and advance in your life and career.  Experts can actually predict the lifetime success of a child by the number of words that they know and can use. So it’s natural that we all want our kids to learn to read.

So maybe you’re not sure where to get started, or even how to spark your child’s interest in reading. We’re looking at five of the best reading apps for kids on iOS to help you with that. Let’s dive right in!

Epic! Unlimited Books For Kids

Want to get your children hooked on reading? Well, the first step is to find them stories and books that they can get excited about. So what better tool to use than Epic? With over 25,000 titles available and a search engine with profiles for up to 4 kids per family, each of your children can have their library of choice at their fingertips. Epic! has a ton of different style of books, they have chapter books, picture books, as well as audio or read along audio books with professional voice actors reading. You won’t just find obscure stories on Epic!, there are popular and well known series available from publishers like HarperCollins and National Geographic. It is easy to find the books that will draw your child into reading. The app itself is free to download; however, you will have to pay for a subscription to have access to this massive library of books.

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Endless Reader

Endless Reader comes in as number four on our list, helping your new reader or struggling learner learn to read “sight words”, those short words that are all over in everyday reading. Endless Reader uses clever tricks to cement these foundational skills in your kids’ brain, using clever animations to help the child remember.  Because of the activity of the words, parents with an ADHD child have found this app to be particularly engaging to their child.  This app does require a good internet connection; however, the app comes free of charge.

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Starfall Learn To Read

Starfall Learn to Read specializes in phonetic reading and spelling opportunities. Children learn through activities, movies, and songs. Zac the Rat helps the child to see the relationship between spoken and written language.  The lessons are focused around the vowels and help those basic building blocks to be cemented in your child’s mind. It actually breaks them up between short vowels, long vowels, and even phonics & chunking. The animations of the words are more stationary than those in Endless Reader, but it has the added benefit of working on sound groups one at a time.

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Audio Fairy Tales

This free app is filled with classic stories, though there are some in-app purchases to improve your reading experience.  The narration is well paced and clear for an easy ability to follow along.  Parents love stories that are not only timeless favorites, but impart important morals.  Fables, fairy tales and classics are all found in this library. Audio Fairy Tales has a pretty large library of books; however, more books are regularly added.

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Rated for 2 to 8 years old, ABCMouse is full of educational fun. It includes games, puzzles, animations, art activities, stories, and offline printables for learning away from the screen. Not only does it help with your chid’s reading abilities, but math, science and art as well. Things like tours through the zoo or the farm allow kids to explore words and ecosystems.  A Piano keyboard allows them access to music experimentation. This is really a great app for those pre-reader children, but also those who are just in their beginning stages of reading. This app will cost you some cash, but you’ll also want to check with your local library — many local municipalities have bought rights to this app and provide tablets with it downloaded in library to use for free.

Download it now: iTunes


Here we’ve shown you five of the best reading apps for children. If you’re looking to help your child grow in their reading ability, there’s an excellent app available on this list to assist you in getting their attention and helping reinforce that reading can be fun. With any one of these apps you’ll be setting them up for a lifetime of learning and success.

Do you have a favorite reading app for kids? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!