4 Best Philadelphia Subway Map App For iPhone

Philadelphia — like most metro areas — is an extremely busy place. Traffic is insanely difficult to navigate through, whether you’re a tourist or a commuter trying to get to and from work. To make it even worse, Philadelphia doesn’t have a super great transit system; however, it does exist and will help you get from one side of the city and through surrounding metro areas, possibly to even an area with a better transit systems for traveling across the states.

Unfortunately, if you’re new to the area, such as visiting as a tourist, getting information on Philadelphia’s subway system — such as nearby stations and arrival times — can prove to be difficult. That’s largely because Philadelphia doesn’t have nearly as robust of a transit system as other major cities. Luckily, an app can quickly put you in touch with need to know information. So let’s dive right into our top picks for navigating Philadelphia’s rail ways!


In number five place, we have SEPTA. This is actually pretty unique to Philadelphia is that they have their own official transit application, and that is SEPTA. It actually stands for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. With it, you can search for nearby stations by name or proximity with a GPS locator. SEPTA actually has an interactive map, which you can easily navigate through. SEPTA does more than just look up subway information, but you can look up bus, rail, trolley, and plane information as well. It’s an overall very well rounded application, and is something you don’t oft see in a transit application like this.

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Philadelphia Map

Looking for something a little more basic for navigating the complex system that is Philadelphia? It won’t be showing you any real time data, but that’s because Philadelphia Map works entirely offline to save you on roaming and data chargers — this is particularly handy for foreigners visiting the city as a tourist. The internal map is interactive, allowing you to pinch and zoom across it for an idea of where you want to go. There’s a built-in route planner, which can help you identify estimated arrival times. On top of that, Philadelphia Map has offline navigation for car and bus, but also offline navigation for the subway.

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Next up, we’re looking at Citymapper. This is the tool that will help you navigate the hectic rapid transit system that is Seattle’s metro area, as well as any other supported metro areas worldwide. Citymapper has all the usual transit features like bus, subway and train routes and real time departure and arrival times as well. With Citymapper, in supported cities, you can see real time data for service outages and notifications.

Citymapper comes with plenty of international support — offering transit information for most major EU, South American, and United States major cities as well.

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You certainly don’t want a Subway Map app on your phone for each city you visit worldwide. That just unnecessarily takes up space on your iPhone! space that could be used for photos and other things. That’s why, with Transit, you can just adjust your Transit location, and it’ll show you all of the necessary transit and subway information for that new city, whether you’re in Philadelphia, New York City, or Los Angeles. Transit’s highlight really is its versatility — Transit supports many more cities across the world, such as in the Asian regions, which few apps support.

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There are plenty of Subway Map apps out there for navigating Philadelphia’s rapid transit system, but we’ve shown you just a handful of the top picks. With any of these applications, even a newcomer to the city will be able to easily find their way around Philadelphia and the surrounding metro areas. However, if you travel a lot, you might want to consider something a little more versatile, like Transit or Citymapper, which can be used in most major cities across the world.

Do you have a favorite transit application for iPhone? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!