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Difference Between iPhone X And XS

Apple shocked its customer base when it announced the iPhone X. The iPhone X is completely different from any other iPhone that the Cupertino-based company launched up to 2017. Not only did it get rid of the home button for a full-screen design, but also came with an improved vertical dual-camera setup and industry leading facial recognition. It’s an excellent innovation, but Apple has majorly improved upon it in 2018 with the iPhone XS.

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So what’s the difference between the two? Which one should you purchase? If you follow along below, we’ll help you discover the similarities and then the features that set the two apart, hopefully helping you make the buying decision that makes the most sense.

Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X was launched in 2017, coming in as the first model that has started the move away from the traditional iPhone style. There’s no home button here, and you get an absolutely beautiful all-screen design. Another big change was the vertical camera on the back (as opposed to the horizontal that Apple has used in all of their “Plus” models). There’s a bigger battery, and then it comes with a “notch” at the top of the display, which is the facial recognition hardware.

iPhone X came with a pretty impressive processor upgrade as well, which was necessary to make the Facial ID as efficient as it was. Overall, it was an impressive experience — Facial ID worked almost all the time, and the new all-screen display looked excellent. Getting rid of the home button was hardly noticeable, with the new return-to-home gesture.

The big thing with the iPhone X is that Apple, and many retailers that aren’t dealing with overstock, aren’t selling the device anymore. That’s because, as of 2018, Apple launched the iPhone XS, which is the direct successor to the iPhone X. The iPhone XS has taken its place, so APple doesn’t want to be selling that old technology anymore.

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Apple iPhone XS

Enter the iPhone XS, the successor to the iPhone X. Apple has put some slight, but notable changes inside the iPhone XS to improve upon the experience of last year’s iPhone X. That said, on the surface, the iPhone XS is almost an exact replica of the iPhone X, but with an added color option available: Gold. The iPhone X was offered in Silver and Space Gray, but the iPhone XS offers Silver, Space Gray, and Gold options.

There are also a lot more storage options available, too. The iPhone X only came in 64GB and 256GB, but the iPhone XS is available in 32GB, 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The iPhone XS is also slightly heavier, comes with Dual-SIM support (the original X did not), and has one hour less of advertised battery time.

Aside from that, just about everything is the same as the iPhone X, only you cannot buy an iPhone X from most places anymore. The iPhone XS is a little more expensive ($1039 versus the iPhone X’s $899), and did see some camera improvements on the software-end.

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As you can see, the difference between the iPhone X and the iPhone XS are pretty minimal. The major selling point here is a more polished device that will have an extra year of continued software support over the original iPhone X. Not only that, but you can’t purchase an iPhone X anymore, unless it’s under a fairly special circumstance (i.e. you find it as an overstock sale). The devices are so similar it doesn’t make sense to sell the two side by side. Unfortunately, the iPhone XS does come with a higher price tag, which does mean a little bit more per month on a device payment plan.

You can still get an iPhone X today, if you want; it will work on any of the major carriers here in the US still, and it’s still a perfectly good device. You might be able to snag it as a deal, but if you’re paying full price, it’s up to you whether to decide if it’s worth staying a year behind in technology.

AppleApple iPhone XBuy on Amazon|$1023.66(Price as of 01/18/2019 23:49 ET)
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