How to fix an iPhone XS that won’t charge

There can be a number of reasons why an iPhone XS may fail to charge. In today’s troubleshooting episode, we show you one particular case of an iPhone-XS-not-charging issue and how to fix it.

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Problem: iPhone XS won’t charge

My iphone XS won’t charge. i think the problem is either because of the charging port or charger. i’ve exposed my charger to water before and when i dried it, it was perfectly okay. but a few weeks ago the charger stopped charging. i tried other chargers but none of them are working. It charges randomly sometimes and when i plug it out and plug it back it doesnt charge. When i have to charge my phone i plug it out and in about 10 times to get it working. please help.

Solution: Water and electronics don’t mix. If you used a wet charger or adapter to charge your iPhone XS before, it could have potentially damaged the charging system of your device. Moisture can cause a short in your adapter or phone, which may in turn, can cause permanent damage to the phone itself.

What to do when iPhone XS cable charging stops working

If cable charging ceased to work after using a wet charger or adapter, that’s probably where the cause of the issue originates. There’s no way for us to know this for sure but if you did not do anything different at all, a bad charger must be to blame. The best thing that you can do right now is to let a professional check the hardware so proper diagnostics can be done.

The shorted charger or adapter may have damaged the charging port which is now the reason why your iPhone XS no longer charges normally. Unless you are a trained Apple technician, the diagnostics needed to determine the state of the charging port must be beyond your ability as an end user. Let Apple help with this one. Bring the phone to your local Apple Service Center or store so a technician can do some basic tests. If they find out that the charging port is fried, they will require your for repair.

Use wireless charging

If you can’t make your iPhone XS charge by cable, you can use a wireless charger to power up your phone in the meantime. While not as fast as cable charging, using a wireless charger is a good alternative to keep your iPhone XS power up until you decide when to send it in for repair.

Create a backup of your personal data

Part of Apple repair is to reinstall the software during or after repair. If you don’t want to lose personal data, be sure charge the phone wirelessly and upload your files to the cloud.


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