5 Best Interior Design App For iPhone XS

If you’re looking to start a new renovation project or decorate the house just a little bit more then you need one of the 5 best interior design app for iPhone XS. After all, you don’t want to spend gobs of money on finding a designer and going through a consultation when you can look through ideas for free using an app. Not only that, but many of the ideas that you can look through already have pictures of the completed projects, or at the very least, 3D models of the decorations that you’re looking at.

So if you’re ready to skip the designer consultation and get started with a good interior design app, follow along below. Here are our top picks for the iPhone XS.


Pinterest comes in as first up on our list. And while it might not directly be for interior design, that’s become one of the major topics of interest on Pinterest. There are thousands of interior design ideas on Pinterest that countless people have already tried or have created models for. You can scroll through the thousands of “pins”, looking for inspiration, and you can even save those ideas to your own boards to look back on later. Pinterest might even save you a buck in the long run, especially if you don’t mind doing things yourself. Many of these “pins” come with material lists and instructions on how to bring the idea to life, so you can actually skip the designer completely.

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Adobe Color Capture

Adobe Color Capture is next up on our list. It’s not specifically an interior design app, but its a great way to get color ideas. With Adobe Color Capture you can open the app, take a picture of the object you’re looking at, and then the app will automatically recognize the color codes and sometimes even the names of colors for you. Not only that, but they make it so that, after you take so many photos of colors and patterns, you have a customizable color scheme that you can manipulate and play around with.

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Houzz is one of the best ways to get ideas for interior design inspiration. Houzz actually has a large database of around 14 million different high-res photos and 3D models. That said, you can get some serious visual inspiration for your next interior design project. You can organize by different room types, furniture, and styles. Once you come across something that you really like, you can save that to your Ideabook so that you can look back on it when you’re ready to take the leap. Not only that, but you can sketch and draw ideas on your images, and Houzz even gives you quick access to places where you can buy some of these items.

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Havenly comes in as fourth on our list, and is essentially an online community or forum where you can obtain expert interior design advice. You can speak with and collaborate with Havenly designers to get expert opinions on your design ideas, whether that be building something from the ground up or in putting some finishing touches on a room. Not only that, but these ideas work for almost any budget. And then, when you’re ready, you can shop a curated list of products based around your style and ideas.

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MagicPlan might be last up on our list, but it’s a great way to get specific measurements inside rooms without pulling out the tape measure and getting on the ground. With MagicPlan, you can actually get measurements of corners, room sizes, door widths, and more, all by snapping photos inside of the application. You take the photos, and then using industry leading software technology, MagicPlan is able to get you the same measurements that you would get with a tape measure, but without all of the extra work!

As you can imagine, this is excellent for interior design projects, but you can also use it for everyday things like calculating measurements for moving furniture in and out of rooms!

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As you can see, you have a lot of options for great interior design apps for the iPhone XS. There’s not necessarily one that is better than the other on this list; however, if you’re looking for a do it yourself type of application, Pinterest is probably your best bet! Do you have a favorite interior design app? Let us know in the comments section below!