How To Screenshot On Mac

Taking screenshots can be a great way to show someone what you have been working on, get work done, or even showcases a particularly well-designed home page layout. Screenshots can also be valuable resources when it comes to instructions – as some prefer screenshots to full-on video instructions or more involved slideshows.

If you want to take a screenshot of your entire screenshot, simply press Command, Shift, and 3 together. Doing this will save an image of your entire screenshot. To take a screenshot of a smaller portion of your screen, press Command, Shift, and 4 together. After that, use your mouse and click at a corner of the area you specifically want. Then just drag and let go of the area when you are done.

It’s extremely easy to take a screenshot on Mac, as you can see. Simply press that Command + Shift + 3 sequence, and you can clip your entire screen in under a second.