How To Block A Number On iPhone X

Are you tired of receiving unwanted phone calls? You could have a friend or family member that you’re tired of calling you. Something could’ve happened between the two of you, but for some reason, they keep calling you, making your life miserable. Or, your phone number has been given to a bevy of marketers who have decided that your number is the phone number to call for unsolicited telemarketing. Product after product they try to sell you, and you’re just wondering how oyu can get them off the phone, and stop them from ever calling you again. You block their number, but they always seem to reach you with another.

So how do you get out of this insanely annoying situation? If you follow along below, we’ll show you how you can block individual numbers as well as a way to get telemarketers to stop calling you. Here’s how.

Do Not Call

First, we’ll show you how to stop those annoying telemarketers. You’re likely being called this incessantly because your number isn’t on the national Do Not Call registry. Yes, if you didn’t know before, there’s a registry ran by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop telemarketers from making unsolicited calls to you. By putting your phone number on this list, you’ll stop getting phone calls from telemarketers for life, at least as long as you hold this number.

There’s a couple of things that we should note first. Putting your number, or multiple numbers in the national Do Not Call registry is completely free of charge. On top of that, you can register both mobile phone numbers as well as landlines so that you stop getting spam on the go and at home. After you register with the Do Not Call registry, you’re registered for life and won’t have to register again — though you can go to the Do Not Call website and verify your number is still there occasionally.

To register on the Do Not Call registry, head over to You’ll want to click on the giant orange icon that says Register Your Phone. On the next page, click on the smaller orange button that says REGISTER HERE. The FTC will take you to another page where you’ll enter the phone number(s) that you want to put on the registry. You can add up to multiple phone numbers at a time. You’ll also need to add an email address, which is required to put a phone number on the Do Not Call registry.

Once the fields are filled out, click on the Submit button. Now, we need to confirm your decision. The FTC will send you an email, usually instantly, but it can take up to 72 hours to show up. In the email, click on the confirmation link. Once done so, your phone number is now on the Do Not Call list! You’ll never have to deal with annoying telemarketers again. Keep in mind that you’ll have to re-follow these steps if you ever obtain a new phone number.

Block a Number

Blocking a phone number is really easy on the iPhone X. First, unlock your screen and navigate to the home page. You’ll want tap on your Phone dialer app. Next, click on the Recents button at the bottom of the app. Now, next to the number that called you that you want to block, press the (I) button right next to the number (it’ll be on the far right). Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the button that says Block This Caller. A confirmation will appear, and you’ll just want to tap the red Block Contact button.

Once you press that red button, you’ll no longer receive phone calls, messages, or FaceTime audio or video calls from that person. To unblock that caller, simply repeat the steps above — except now, the option will appear as Unblock this Caller. Tap it, and it’ll immediately unblock the number.

Call Blockers

You can use the native process in the iPhone X to block callers, but maybe your preference is to use a call blocker application. It’s a longer process to block a caller this way, but if that’s your choice, just hit up the App Store and search for “call blocker.” You can download any one of the available apps, and then just follow the prompts that the app gives you to block the caller.


And that’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully blocked a number on the iPhone X! Congratulations!