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USB Charging Station for Multiple iPhone and iPad Devices

Just like most companies, Apple have made their fair share of puzzling decisions. One of their latest blunders has been the inclusion of a poorly constructed 5 W USB power adapter with the latest iPhone. According to the reviews on Apple’s website, customers are going through many of these chargers, paying premium money for what should be a bargain-bin product. Add in another iOS device or two, and charging suddenly becomes a nightmare.

Multi Device USB Charging Station

One way how to wake up from it is a purchase of a USB charging station for multiple iPhone and iPad devices. Such charging station can replace every single power adapter you own, provide you with faster charging speeds, better safety mechanisms, and, in some cases, other useful features.

AUKEY USB Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports & 4 USB Ports

AUKEY is a well-established manufacturer of tech accessories, lifestyle gadgets, and charging equipment. Based in Singapore and operating around the world, their products combine top-notch design and functionality with state-of-the-art technologies.

This sleek USB charger features two Quick Charge 3.0 ports, which can supply up to 18 W of power and voltages ranging between 3.2 V to 20 V, and four regular USB ports. With most chargers, only one device gets all the juice it can handle, while others struggle to gain a single percentage of battery life. But if you plug in everything at once into the AUKEY charger, all devices will still charge at full speed.

Rugged Geek’s RG1000 Emergency Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Are you the type of person others ask for help when things go wrong? Do you want to be? With the RG1000 emergency jump starter with an air compressor and LED flashlight, every emergency will be an opportunity for your inner MacGyver to come to life.

Inside this beastly charging station is a 39Wh 60c Class-A Lithium battery capable of delivering up to 1000 A of starting current—enough to resurrect even a massive diesel engine. Thanks to the wide range of included accessories, the large battery can also be used as a portable charger, a multi-mode LED flashlight, and even an air compressor.

ChargeTech Cell Phone Charging Station

Many forward-thinking businesses, restaurants, fast-food places, and venues have been installing USB power outlets to give customers a good reason to stay longer and, ideally, order several extra caramel macchiatos as they wait for their devices to charge.

The industrial-grade charging station from ChargeTech gives every business a chance to attract power-hungry mobile users. In its default configuration, the ChargeTech station features 4 micro USB cables, 3 Apple Lighting cables, and a single old-school Apple 30-pin cable. All cables support fast charging, and the station comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Anker 21W 2-Port USB Universal PowerPort Solar Charger

Wouldn’t it be great to charge up to two devices at once at up to 3 A just by harnessing the power of the sun? You could go on a month-long hike across the country and always have plenty of battery power to catch every Pokémon you come across.

This solar charger from Anker is compact, lightweight, and exceptionally practical. It has stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner, allowing you to attach it to your backpack, and the integrated smartphone pouch gives you a secure place where you can store your device. Thanks to Anker’s PowerIQ technology, the charger intelligently detects how fast your device can charge, to optimize its charging characteristics.

MobileVision Bamboo 10-Port Charging Station and Organizer

The MobileVision 10-port charging organizer demonstrates that charging multiple devices doesn’t have to involve dozens of feet of tangled cables and unsightly charging adapters. Not only can it charge up to 10 devices at once, but it can also hold various stationary items and even a full-sized surge protector. What’s more, it’s made from bamboo, which is an eco-friendly alternative to plastics.

Multi Device USB Charging Station

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