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5 Best TVs for Watching Movies in 2018

The summer is over, and the time of cozy evenings spent chilling in front of the TV is coming. To enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows as much as possible, you need a great TV. And because it’s 2017, it means that you need a TV with the 4K resolution, superb color reproduction, and at least a 50-inch display.

Best TV For Movies

The Best Way to Watch Movies and TV Shows in 2017

If you’re an Apple TV owner, you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows from different services in one place using the TV app, which was announced by Apple last year at the company’s October event.

Apple TVs that have been updated to the latest version of tvOS have a new icon on the home screen called TV. When you click on the icon, you enter the TV app, which is divided into four tabs: Watch Now, Library, Store, and Search.

The Watch Now section is where you’ll spend the most time because it aggregates all your subscriptions, purchases, and rentals to one place, allowing you to conveniently continue from where you left off and discover new content without constantly switching between individual subscription apps

LG OLED55C7P (55-Inch and 65-Inch)

The LG OLED55C7P is available in 55 inches and in 65 inches. This premium OLED smart TV is perfect for those willing to pay extra for the best picture quality money can buy. Thanks to the OLED technology, each pixel is individually illuminated, resulting in an infinite contrast ratio and realistic colors.

The LG OLED55C7P runs on the webOS 3.5 Smart TV software, which is an advanced operating system based on Linux for smart TVs and other smart home entertainment devices. webOS features a multitasking user interface, over-the-air updates, and support for notifications and third-party applications.

If you’re a sucker for the latest technologies, you’ll love the support for Dolby Atmos playback via Dolby Digital Plus through internet streaming, cable/broadcast, and side-load (USB). LG also plans to enable Dolby Atmos playback delivered via Dolby TrueHD through Blu-ray with a software update.

Sony XBR75X940E (75-Inch)

The Sony XBR75X940E is a large, bezel-less smart TV with a precision full-array backlight for maximum contrast and stunning color reproduction. The TV uses Sony’s new 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme image processing chip with object-based HDR Remaster technology to detect, analyze and optimize each object in the picture individually for superb image quality.

The Sony XBR75X940E features Android TV, a smart TV platform, based on the Android operating system, developed by Google. Owners of Android smartphones, tablets, and laptops can stream content to the TV without difficulty, and all Android TV users can enjoy a host of streaming apps and multiplayer games with a real or virtual gaming controller in hand.

Ultimately, though, the Sony XBR75X940E is all about its beautiful image quality. The TV can automatically upscale all content to 4K without any perceivable quality loss, and the support for up to 120 Hz refresh rate allows fast motion to appear lifelike.

VIZIO D50u-D1 (50-Inch)

The VIZIO D50u-D1 brings together first-class picture quality and VIZIO Internet Apps available from a simplified app launcher. Compared to a regular Full HD television, the VIZIO D50u-D1 offers four times greater resolution, which translates to 8.3 pixels, all singing in unison for a heightened contrast ratio of 5 million to 1.

With WiFi connectivity, you can get the TV online in a matter of minutes without any cables cluttering your living room. Once connected, the TV automatically checks for software updates and gives you access to a growing collection of premium apps, including Spotify, Facebook, Plex, Hulu, and Netflix, just to name a few.

Even though the VIZIO D50u-D1 has a high refresh rate of 120 Hz and twelve active LED backlight zones, its price is affordable considering the value you’ll get for your money.

Samsung UN55MU8000 (From 49 Inches to 82 Inches)

You can’t go wrong with a 4K TV from Samsung. The UN55MU8000 features an elegant design that strives to remove everything from view except for the display itself. The silver stand, which consists of only four slim, metal legs, features the Samsung Clean Cable Solution to eliminate clutter by routing the single One Connect cable through the base of the TV stand. All other cables connect to a separate box that you can easily store away from view.

The 4K display is LED-backlit for maximum contrast and vivid colors. Fast-paced action scenes are sharp and full of detail thanks to the TV’s high refresh rate, and you can watch the TV from any angle without any noticeable loss of image quality.

Included with the Samsung UN55MU8000 is a universal remote that automatically detects and controls all your connected devices and content with no manual programming required.

TCL 55P607 (55-Inch)

TCL is a Chinese multinational electronics company founded in 1981. The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells everything from mobile phones to air conditioners to refrigerators to televisions. The TCL 55P607 is the company’s premium 4K 55-inch TV that offers competitive features at a very affordable price.

The 55P607 has 72 zones that can be individually optimized to achieve striking contrast between bright and dark areas. With up to 120 Hz refresh rate, it’s virtually impossible to see any motion blur, and support for Dolby Vision HDR makes movies and TV shows come to life with colors that seem lifelike.

The included advanced remote with a built-in headphone jack allows you to switch between more than 4,000 streaming channels and easily access over 400,000 movie and TV episodes. You can even use your smartphone or tablet instead of the remote and search with your voice or virtual keyboard.

Best TV For Movies

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