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5 Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanners for iPhone or iPad

With a growing number of businesses relying on iOS devices for inventory management and many other tasks that involve barcodes, it makes sense to ask whether it’s possible to go beyond the limited scanning capabilities of iPhone’s and iPad’s cameras. The good news is that the answer is yes.

Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

You can connect a dedicated handheld barcode scanner wirelessly via Bluetooth to any iPhone or iPad to enjoy greatly improved 1D and 2D scanning performance compared to the built-in camera. Bluetooth barcode scanners for iPhone and iPad come in many sizes and shapes, and we’ve selected our favorite for every popular category.


The TEEMI TMSL-50 handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner has been designed with the needs of modern retailers in mind. Its aggressive omnidirectional sensor can read printed 1D and 2D codes as well as codes displayed on smartphone screens. The 2000 mAh takes 4 hours to charge, and it handles a full day of intense scanning with plenty of power to spare. Scanned barcodes can either be instantly uploaded to a connected iOS device or stored in the reader’s memory for later transfer. TEEMI advertises that the TMSL-50 can survive a drop from up to 1.5 meters, and, looking at the scanners sturdy construction, we have no reason not to believe them.

Inateck BCST-10

If you’re looking for a versatile Bluetooth barcode scanner that can also be connected to a computer via USB, the Inateck BCST-10 is the right scanner for you. Unlike many other Bluetooth scanners, it works without a special scanning app. Just pair the scanner with an iOS device, double-click the scanner button to activate the virtual keyboard, and input scanned data across the entire operating system. The scanner has a 1500 mAh battery and 256 kB of storage space for up to 2,600 code entries. It works not only with iOS devices but also desktop operating systems and PoS systems.

Symcode 2D Barcode Scanner

This compact barcode scanner from Symcode is perfect for light-use applications where portability is the most desired feature. Despite its small size, it contains a battery with 1,000 mAh capacity, which greatly minimizes the need to charge the scanner. The Symcode barcode scanner can read barcodes from mobile screens just as well as it reads barcodes from product packages and paper documents.

Infinea Tab M

From traditional retail spaces to outside venues—the purchase decision can happen anywhere. To process payments instantly no matter where you are, you need the Infinea Tab M barcode scanner and magnetic stripe card reader. With it, you can convert any iPad into a capable point-of-sale solution with powerful 1D and 2D scanning capabilities. What’s more, the Infinea Tab M can be combined with’s VeriScan to read any type of ID.

Motorola LI4278

The Motorola LI4278 is a cordless 1D Bluetooth scanner with a communication cradle for faster and more precise barcode scanning. It accurately scans barcodes printed on paper labels as well as electronic barcodes displayed on screens of digital devices over up to 55 inches away for 200 percent UPC codes and over up to 30 inches for 100 percent UPC codes. The Motorola LI4278 is rugged and designed for use in dusty and wet conditions, making it perfect for demanding day-in and day-out use.

Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

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