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5 Best iPhone External Batteries in 2018

If you’ve ever been out and about or on a trip, only to find out that your phone is on the verge of dying, you know just how stressful it can be to not have instant access to your charging cord and an electrical outlet.

Best iPhone External Batteries

That’s why today, we’re sharing with you some alternate ways to charge your phone. These require no outlet, so you’ll never have to worry about trying to find a restaurant or store that will allow you outlet access. All you’ll need to do is pull out the external battery charger, and you’ll be good to go. Here’s our top picks for 2018:

Saber Romeo Power Bank

This power bank is a bit of a pricier way to charge your iPhone, but the cost is completely worth it. The Saber Romeo power bank comes in 2 stunning colors: a charcoal black and a steel-like blue. It’s compact enough that it can be easily tossed into any bag or backpack for ease while traveling.

You can charge your devices with this handy power bank in just 2 hours and they’ll be ready to go. And, if you happen to drop the power bank, not to worry. Designed with shock-proof technology, this external charger is extremely heavy duty and ready to bounce back from just about anything.

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RAVPower Solar Charger

The RAVPower Solar Charger is a great option to charge your phone when you’re out adventuring without access to an electrical power source. It can hook on to a backpack or it can sit in the sand, and the best part is that it’s water resistant to protect against those days with weathe that’s less than perfect.

The neat thing about this charger is that you’ll be able to charge up to 2 devices at once. And, your devices will charge whether the sun is shining or it’s a dreadfully overcast day, converting up to nearly 24% of solar power into energy for charging those devices. If you do a lot of camping or hiking, you’re not going to want to miss out on this revolutionary way to charge your iPhone.

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EasyAcc MegaCharge

Priced a bit more affordably, you’re going to love this EasyAcc MegaCharge power bank. With plenty of ports for both input and output, you’ll be able to charge just about any device you can think of, on the go, in no time.

The back itself charges completely in just under 5 hours, which is not a bad amount of time at all, especially if you plug it in before you head to bed at night. And if you are looking for some tangible specifics, this is a major power bank, with the ability to charge an iPhone 8 an entire 7 times over before running out on power. If that’s not fantastic, I don’t know what is.

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Anker Powercore

Coming in both black and white, the Anker Powercore is another great external battery option for your iPhone. It’s one of Amazon’s bestsellers, and we can see why. It’s extremely portable, and will last up to 7 days before having to be recharged. You read that right: that’s an entire week without having to make sure it’s charged and ready to go.

Another neat thing about the Anker Powercore is that it’s not just going to charge your iPhone. Any device you own that can be charged by USB can be charged by Anker’s Powercore, and while this doesn’t support the Qualcomm QuickCharge that we all know and love, it does charge your devices fully in a pretty decent timeframe.

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Belkin Pocket Power Charger

This portable charger by Belkin is a great way to ensure your iPhone stays charged, without breaking the bank. This is a great price, and while it’s a bit smaller than several of the others on this list, it’s great for taking places and boosting your battery life with a charge when you need it.

Have you ever noticed how your device may get extremely hot while charging? While that can be a little unsettling, the Belkin Pocket Power Charger has an automatic shutoff designed to protect against your device from getting dangerously hot.

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Each of these external batteries will help you in extending the battery life of your iPhone. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty power bank or something solar, you’ll be able to keep your iPhone charged, no matter the time or place. Which one of these chargers are you most likely to buy? Be sure to tell us in the comments section.

Best iPhone External Batteries

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