Solutions for Jailbroken iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Battery Issues

Cool things happen to jailbroken iPhones, right? If you haven’t read our previous post why jailbreaking your terrific iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is wonderful, you can go here.

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But then, we need to get realistic. Jailbreaking your iPhone does not mean getting away with one of the most annoying problems of smartphones these days–an unsatisfactory battery life. In fact, there’s a chance that your jailbroken iPhone may even appear to drain its battery power faster compared to previous iOS state. Some iPhone users have reported shortened battery life after their devices were jailbroken. Does that mean jailbreaking is bad for the battery?

Technically, the answer is a big NO. When you jailbreak an iOS device, only the operating system is modified. That won’t alter the present state of the battery itself so the most likely reason for any perceived fast battery drain after a jailbreak is your usage habits. Start by checking our brief guide on how to extend the battery life of your device. If you are positive that you have been kind to your battery under normal operating circumstances, other reasons may be causing it to lose charge more quickly than before.

Here are the most probable reasons and their potential solutions:

Hacktivation or Unofficial activation

There are many do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials on how to unlock an iOS device if you Google it. Unlocking the iPhone using unofficial means together with jailbreak may mess up the battery and cause it to lose power faster. If you are still contemplating on unlocking your iPhone 6 or Plus at this time, try using SAM to get it done properly. It’s a popular method to lift network restriction on your iPhone without sacrificing battery life.

Poorly developed apps or packages

Come on. Not all apps are created equal. While not all the time true, some jailbreak apps are simply not cutting it. Although a huge majority of apps in major repositories like ZodTTD/Cydia, ModMyi, and Bigboss have been thoroughly debugged and may only suffer from occasional minor hiccups, there are also others that can cause complications including battery problems. Out-dated apps or those created by inexperienced developers may have bugs that causes them to run in the background causing unnecessary battery drain. There are also some cracked or pirated jailbreak apps made by unreliable developers that can likewise cause this problem. If you notice significant battery drain after installing a particular app, that is the most likely cause. To verify if your suspicion is correct, start by removing disabling or removing the app, then observing the phone for a few hours to compare battery usage rate.

You can also install Substrate Safe Mode to force your device to boot without loading particular extensions and allow you uninstall problematic apps.

Animated or heavy internet-dependent apps or packages

There are tweaks that comes with more cosmetic or network-related features that can put extra strain on your battery.  Keep a watchful eye on apps those providing weather widgets, video or live wallpapers, animated lock screen or wallpapers, or mail retrievals. If you’re fond of Siri, consider reducing your dependence on it as its ports are notoriously power-hungry.

Prolonged use

If you come from stock OS, jailbreaking your iPhone is like opening another interesting window into Apple’s world. The temptation to increase usage is normal but can be a huge factor why you are losing battery power at a staggering pace. If you want your battery life to return to normal, simply use your device wisely.

Network usage

Try to limit sharing your internet connection if you are fond of doing so. Making your iPhone 6 as a personal hotspot is certainly okay but if you are running out of battery juice while still in the middle of the day, you may have to find a way to charge your iPhone while doing it. Turning it off is a much better option I guess.


So these are our solutions for jailbroken iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus battery issues. Remember to keep these things under a minimum after jailbreaking your iPhone to get the most out of your battery at any given day. If you notice that that your phone appears to charge slower between 95% and 100%, there’s no need for worries as this pretty normal to prevent the battery from getting damaged.



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