How To Properly Take Care Of Your iPhone X Battery For Maximum Lifespan

The #Apple #iPhoneX is the latest iPhone model to hit the market that has several new features not found on the previous models. This is the first iPhone to use a Super AMOLED display ( 5.8 inches) making it display images better. It also uses the latest A11 processor allowing the phone to perform well even when using demanding apps.

The high performance level of this phone requires energy which is being supplied by the battery. This is why you will need to make sure that the phone battery is properly taken cared of in order for you to use the phone without any problems.

One of our readers is concerned about how to properly take care of their iPhone X battery. The letter sent to us reads

“Hi. I have a few questions on how to properly charge my iPhone x, namely

  1.  Is it true that you should not charge iPhone x up to 100% for daily use? If you do, then 1 cycle charge is counted. Is this true?
  2.  Is it true that you don’t have to wait for the battery to drain 20% or below before you charge iPhone x? That is, you should charge it before it reaches 20%?

I need to know your response so I can take care of my iPhone x battery.

Thank you.”

This model uses a 2716 mAh battery which should be able to provide 19 hours of 3G talk time. There are two different view on when and how to charge the phone battery.

One way is to charge the phone whenever a charger is available. This mean that even if the phone has 90% charge left then you can charge the phone.

The other way is to only charge the phone when it hits a certain percentage level ( usually between 5% to 10%).

Some people recommend that you don’t fully charge the phone while others recommend that it should be charged to 100%.

The different views on how to charge the phone battery are actually correct. You can follow which method you prefer.

What you should do to maximize the battery life of your phone is to make sure that it does not get exposed to hot temperatures. The battery will work well in a wide range of temperatures however its comfort zone is 16° to 22° C (62° to 72° F). You should avoid temperatures higher than 35° C (95° F) as this will damage the battery capacity.

Take note that when you charge your phone it will generate some heat. If your phone has a case installed then you should remove it to make the heat dissipate faster.

Another factor to consider is to never fully discharge the phone battery as this has the tendency of going to a deep discharge state which makes it unable to hold any charge.

If you plan on storing your phone for a certain period of time then make sure that it has around 50% charge.

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