Find the Best International Travel Airlines with These Apps and Mobile Friendly Sites

The summer holiday season is nearing its end, which means that international airlines will try to entice off-season travelers who are looking for great deals. If you count yourself among them or you’re someone who likes to go the extra mile and carefully research all available options before committing to one, our list of the best airplane travel apps and mobile-friendly sites is here to help you find the best international airline.

Seatguru – Find Airline with Best Seats

When flying business class, you have every right to expect every seat to be comfortable, so it’s understandable if you just let the airline pick one for you. But when you’re flying on a budget, the difference in comfort between individual seats can be huge. So, how can you know beforehand which seats are the best and which are to be avoided? You download Seatguru to your iPhone to access over 10,000 seat maps from around 125 airlines.

Just tell the app the airline you’re flying with, the flight number, and the date of the flight, and it will automatically find the right seat map for you. Every seat map contains invaluable insights from tens of thousands of passengers who use the app every month, submitting helpful photos and reviews to help other fellow travelers. Seatguru is free, and it’s powered by TripAdvisor, so you know you can depend on it.