How to free up storage space in iPhone 7, Messages app crashing (after receiving digital touch message)

Hello iPhone owners! Today we provide two #iPhone7 issues — how to create storage space and dealing with Message app crashing issue. We hope you’ll find our solutions helpful.

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Problem 1: How to free up storage space in iPhone 7 Plus

My wife and I both have an iPhone 7 Plus and mine works fine. On my wife’s phone her messages disappear after opening them (iMessage, SMS, MMS) and her storage is nearly full on a 32GB phone. When I checked her storage, I saw that she has over 10GB of saved messages but there is nothing on her phone. I have reset the phone twice and checked every setting. I seem to recall her 5S doing something similar before upgrading it. — Jason

Solution: Hi Jason. There are a few things that you can do to create more storage space in your iPhone 7. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Solution #1: Delete old messages or change Messages app settings

Your wife’s Messages app may be set to keep message history to Forever. This means that over the years, the app may be storing all types of messages including voice and MMS that have accumulated to about 10GBs. If all these messages are downloaded and kept in the phone’s local storage device, this must be the reason why storage shows 10GB for saved messages. To clear it:

  • ask your wife to either delete long or old conversation threads she no longer needs, or
  • just create an iCloud backup (though the free 5GB iCloud storage space may not be enough) then perform a factory reset.

Keep in mind that resetting the phone’s settings won’t clear the history logs of the Messages app so either of the two must be done to make available storage space.

In order for Messages app to regularly purge old messages, set it to keep messages for 1 year or 30 days only. You can do that by doing these steps:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Tap Keep Messages.
  4. Pick either 1 year or 30 days.

Solution #2: Use iCloud to store photos and other media

Easily accessible camera app and photos is one of the things that make an iPhone great. However, you’ll soon find out that photos can easily consume a large chunk of your phone’s memory. If you tend to collect a lot of photos, videos, etc, we suggest that you use iCloud to keep them. You can also let your iPhone upload photos automatically to iCloud if it’s already running out of space by doing these steps:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Photos.
  3. Turn on iCloud Photo Library.

Solution #3: Keep only good photos and videos

Many iPhone owners tend to take multiple copies of the same scene and keep them. Not only does that make it harder to find good photos but it also is an efficient way of filling up your phone’s memory to the brim. Unless you necessarily need to keep burst copies of the same photo, you should do well investing time deleting those unnecessary ones.

Visit your albums and find the one labeled Burst. If you have a lot of entries in this album, it must be the cause why you’re running out of space. Burst shots are usually of composed of more than five photos with hardly discernible difference. Find the best shot that you think captures the moment and delete the rest of the copies. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open Camera app.
  2. Open the Gallery by tapping on a photo at the lower left side.
  3. Tap All Photos at the top.
  4. Tap Album.
  5. Tap Burst.
  6. Select the picture you want to check. You’ll know how many copies you have of that picture as indicated on top.
  7. To check each frame, tap Select at the bottom.
  8. Tap the frame/s that you want to keep.
  9. Tap Done on top.
  10. Select the option you want.

Solution #4: Wipe the phone and start fresh

There’s nothing more refreshing than wiping everything via factory reset. If you can’t seem to know what direction to take exactly, consider doing a factory reset. To factory reset an iPhone 7, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to create a backup to either iCloud or iTunes. If you don’t want to pay for additional iCloud storage (free storage is only up to 5GB), then use iTunes. Your wife can simply restore this iTunes backup later if she needs to restore here messages.
  2. In your iPhone, sign out of your iCloud account.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Tap General.
  5. Tap Reset.
  6. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Now that the iPhone has been wiped clean, it should provide you with enough space. In order not to run out of storage space fast, make sure to only install necessary apps. Also, try to regularly transfer photos to iTunes or iCloud to free up space in the phone’s memory.

Problem 2: iPhone 7 Messages app keeps crashing after receiving digital touch message

I have an iPhone 7 and after receiving a digital touch message from another iPhone user, my phone no longer allows me to open any text messages. I can see when text messages come to my phone on the screen; however as soon as I try to click the message the screen tries to open but then goes black, where I can’t see or respond to the message. I’m currently using iOS 11.1.2. Sprint phone. Please help! — Kandye

Solution: Hi Kandye. There may be a minor bug that causes Messages app to crash when you try to open it. To fix it, consider doing the following solutions.

Fix #1: Do a quick restart

This often simple troubleshooting step is an excellent solution to minor bugs. Be sure to turn the phone off properly, wait for a few moments, then start it again.

Fix #2: Close and relaunch Messages app

If restarting your iPhone won’t fix the problem, close Messages app then open it again. To do that, go back to your Home screen, then quickly tap the Home button. Once the app preview appears, look for the Messages app and swipe it up to close it. Then, go back to your Home screen and open it again.

Fix #3: Install iOS and app updates

Most known bugs are fixed by tweaking app and/or iOS codes. Code modifications are then released in updates. If you suspended automatic updates in your device, be sure to manually check for app and operating system updates.

Fix #4: Restore from old backup

If the problem still persists at this point, it’s possible that you may have added a problematic content. To fix the issue, consider restoring the phone using an older backup to eliminate a possible app issue. If the problem won’t return after restoring an old backup but comes back at a later time, it should be a bad app causing it. Make sure to install only good apps. Try to filter apps that you install in your phone by checking their reviews. If this is a rampant issue, some other users must have reported the same problem. Do a quick Google search for that app and make sure to include the keywords for your problem. If other users report the same trouble, avoid installing that app.

For reference, below are the steps on how to restore from a backup:

How to restore your iPhone 7 from iCloud backup

  1. Do the Erase All Content and Settings procedure as detailed above. If you want to keep the current setup of your phone, make sure that you create a backup of it first via iCloud or iTunes or both. Then, once you’ve created your backup, you can go ahead and erase all the content of your iPhone.
  2. After doing the  Erase All Content and Settings procedure, restart the phone.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
  4. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  5. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
  6. If you have multiple backups created before, pick an older date. Once you’ve chosen a backup, the transfer should begin. If needed, follow screen instructions to update to a new operating system (iOS) first.
  7. If prompted, sign in to your Apple ID account to restore apps. Alternatively, you can skip signing in by tapping Skip this Step option so you can sign in later.
  8. Wait for the phone to finish downloading the backup files. It may take several minutes depending on your network speed and the backup file size. If you have a lot of apps and content (photos, videos, music, etc.), it may take a long time for them to be downloaded into your device. We suggest that you connect to a strong wifi network to hasten the process. Don’t worry, once you disconnect from wifi, download process will be paused but will automatically be resumed once you’re reconnected.

How to restore your iPhone 7 from iTunes backup

  1. In your computer, make sure that it runs the latest operating system version. iTunes app must also be up-to-date. This iTunes app should be the one that you used to back your phone up before.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the cable that came with your phone.
  3. If prompted, enter the device passcode or tap Trust this Computer in your iPhone.
  4. We assume you remember your phone’s passcode so simply enter it when you’re prompted for it.
  5. Select your iPhone once iTunes asks you for the specific device.
  6. In the Summary panel or screen, select the option that will restore your device (Restore Backup button). Update the software if you get the message that says iOS is too old.
  7. If you have multiple backups created before, pick an older date. Once you’ve chosen a backup, the transfer should begin.
  8. Confirm by clicking on Restore button. If prompted, enter the password for your encrypted backup.
  9. Wait for a few moments while iTunes syncs your iPhone. Once the sync is done, you can disconnect the iPhone.

Fix #5: Contact Apple support

If you’re only having trouble with Apple Messages app and all our solutions above won’t help, let Apple know so they can create a ticket for it. There may not be a quick fix for it but at least you’ve reported the issue. The more users report the same problem, the more said issue is upvoted for Apple engineers to notice it.


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