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5 Best iPhone Bike Mounts in 2017

Ever wanted to use you the GPS navigation on your iPhone while biking?  Or simply wanted to mount your iPhone on your bike for for easy access.  All you need is to figure out a way how to install it on your bike. A good iPhone bike mount is sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. All iPhone bike mounts on this list meet these criteria, and they can also double as iPhone stroller mounts.

Best iPhone Bike Mounts

Taotronics Bike Phone Mount

This basic bike mount is currently the best selling cycling GPS accessory on Amazon. Thanks to three different mounting mechanisms, the Taotronics phone mount won’t let go of your iPhone even if you let go of the handlebars.

First, there’s a secure plastic clamp compatible with phones with a width measuring 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches. A soft foam mat protects your phone from scratches and vibrations, and, finally, the rubber band fastens around the edges of your phone for extra protection when things get really bumpy. The mount itself can be attached to any standard handlebar using a quick-release clamp.

M-BLANC 10-in-1 Bike Phone Mount

It’s no secret that active GPS navigation takes a toll on the battery life. Depending on which iPhone you have and how old it is, you may only get as much as 3 hours of usage. If you’re on a day trip and need your iPhone to get you back home, that’s just unacceptable. The M-BLANC bike phone mount elegantly solves this problem by integrating a 4,400mAh powerbank directly into the iPhone mount.

The powerbank holds enough charge to more than double the battery life of your iPhone, and it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Located on each side of the mount is a powerful speaker. The pair of speakers can play music either from your iPhone via Bluetooth or from a built-in SD card slot. There are even dedicated volume control buttons so you can accept phone calls and skips songs even when wearing long finger gloves.

Airsspu Bike Phone Mount with Flashlight Holder

There are two main devices that most cyclists want to mount on their bicycles: a smartphone and a flashlight. Someone at Airsspu got the idea to combine mounts for these two things into a single product, and this is the result. What’s so great about this mount is the ability to independently adjust the position of both the phone and the flashlight.

The phone clamp fits any smartphone with a screen measuring 3.5 inches to 7 inches. It can rotate in any direction, allowing you to easily switch between the portrait and landscape mode. The non-slip rubber grip protects your device, and all clamps can be adjusted without any tools.

iKross Waterproof Bike Phone Mount

If you want to use your iPhone as a bike computer or a GPS navigation even on a rainy day, you need a waterproof smartphone enclosure such as this one. To install this waterproof bike mount, you simply adjust the handlebar clamp to accommodate the size of your handlebars, unzip the main compartment, and place your phone on the dense shock-absorbing foam insert pads.

Thanks to the rotating ball-joint, you can then fully adjust the viewing angle to your liking. The enclosure is compatible with devices with a screen measuring 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches and handlebars up to 1.38 inches in diameter.

Tigra BikeConsole Shock-Protected Bike Phone Mount

Perfect for MTB riders, this shock-protected bike phone mount from Tigra will keep your iPhone protected no matter which trail you decide to conquer. The company offers different versions of this mount for all currently available iPhones. Unlike other phone mounts, this one uses double-hinged case locking mechanism as well as a reinforced mounting bracket for extra security.

You can easily remove the entire enclosure from the mount and use it as an iPhone case. Because of its compact size and flat profile, you won’t be compelled to take your iPhone out as soon as you take as short break. The case even has a slot for a charging cable and cutouts for the speaker, camera, and mic.

Best iPhone Bike Mounts

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