iPhone 6 Plus Screen Grey Flickering Bar After Drop

One of the worst things that could happen to your phone is when you drop it and the screen develops some problems. When this occurs then it’s usually a hardware issue already which can’t be fixed by troubleshooting the software. One of our readers is having this issue where the screen becomes unresponsive and a grey flickering bar can be seen at the top of the display of the #Apple #iPhone6Plus after it got dropped. Let’s take a look at the details of this issue which we have addressed below.


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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Grey Flickering Bar After Drop

Problem: hii! i have an iphone 6 plus which is out of its warranty period. i few days back i accidently dropped it quite hard as a result of which the display partly came out from the top right corner and did not get fixed back manually by applying some pressure.  i took it to the unauthorized repair store. they reassembled it back to original but then i started to observe some touch issues.   1. right portion of the screen would work fine while some parts in the left portion were completely unresponsive.  2. sometimes the entire screen would become unresponsive. it would however sometimes work if i twisted a phone a bit or hit it lightly on my palm but it wouldn’t last long.  3. soon another issue arose when a grey flickering bar at the top of the screen appeared.  the repair store suggested me: that i should get the touch IC inside the iphone replaced to a new one.  but they also mentioned that it involved a kind of risk!! they said that the phone might get completely fine or it may also be more damaged than it is now. they mentioned it to assure it to me that if something goes wrong to the phone, it will only me that will be held responsible as i’m getting it done on my own risk. if the fix goes fine then i’d pay them the amount otherwise i may take the phone back without a payment made. what should i do? should i go for it

Solution: The grey flickering bar that can be observed in your phone is most likely caused by the touch IC of the device that has either become loose from the board or has become defective due to the drop. There are two ways to fix this problem. It’s either the touch IC has to be resoldered to the board or replaced with a new one. While this may fix the grey flickering bar issue there’s also the issue of the display becoming unresponsive at times which could be caused by a damaged display assembly. Overall, we are looking at the possibility of replacing not only the touch IC but the display as well.

If the technician that will perform the procedure of replacing the touch IC has successfully performed this before then I recommend that you have this fixed. Take note that this may only resolve the grey flickering bar issue.

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