iPhone 6 Plus Wi-Fi Button Is Disabled

When you want to go online while using your #Apple #iPhone6Plus the best connection medium to use is a Wi-Fi connection so as not to consume your mobile data allowance. There are however instances when you are not able to enable the Wi-Fi switch of this phone since it is greyed out. This is the problem that one of our readers is facing which we will tackle today.

iPhone 6 Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus Wi-Fi Button Is Disabled

Problem: I was having a wifi problem. The wifi button was disabled. When I checked the address wifi info, it was of course n/a. So I let my phone run out of battery, hoping that it would reboot everything. When it did run out of battery, I started to charge it. The screen did stay with the apple logo. I unplugged it after a while and the apple logo was still there. (It is still there now) So I tried to update my iphone via itunes but it didn’t work, it downloaded the update, started to extract the update then displayed “waiting for Iphone”. When it displayed this, the screen came back again with the apple logo. After a while I got a 4005. So itunes told that it could not update and that I would need to restore. But the restore is giving me the exact same result. “Waiting for Iphone” from itunes, then apple logo screen. So I saw the DFU. I tried to do it too. itunes tells me that I am in recovery mode and try to do the recovery. But then I end up with the same problem “waiting for Iphone” plus apple logo screen. I am stuck. I really hope for a miracle now. This is depressing.Do you have a plan for me PS : I also tried Reboot

Solution: There are two issues that you have with the phone right now. First is the Wi-Fi that can’t be enabled issue and next is the “waiting for iPhone” issue.  The first thing you should tackle is the “waiting for iPhone” issue since you will need to restore your phone and set it up as a new device to be able to check the Wi-Fi issue.

For the error 4005 the following troubleshooting steps are applicable.

  • Make sure your computer has the latest iTunes version installed.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Make sure your computer has the latest software updates installed.
  • Restore your device using another USB cable.
  • Restore your device on another computer.
  • Force your device to restart.

Once you are able to restore your device and the Wi-Fi still can’t be enabled then this is most likely a hardware issue already. Bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

However, if you are unable to fix the error 4005 issue and the phone is still stuck in the “waiting for iPhone” error screen then you should also bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

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