Apple posts new iPad Pro commercial in anticipation of its release [Video]

iPad Pro

The #iPadPro tablet will be available this Wednesday in a handful of countries including the U.S. And in order to build hype for the company’s latest release, #Apple has just released a new commercial on YouTube, showcasing the features of the tablet.

This is a conventional Apple commercial and you get to see all the important aspects of the tablet. It’s basically a sales pitch for those still unfamiliar with the concept. The iPad Pro tablet is going to be widely talked about over the coming days along with the Apple Pencil as well as the Smart Keyboard accessory that will be sold separately by the company.

Pricing won’t be cheap though as the base model with 32GB of storage will cost $799, while a the 128GB model will be priced at $949. The top of the line WiFi + Cellular model with 128GB of storage will cost $1,079. The Apple Pencil will require you to shell out $99, while the Smart Keyboard will set you back by $169. So clearly, you have to spend quite a lot of dough in order to get the iPad Pro along with the accessories.

You can watch the commercial in question from the video below:

Source: YouTube

Via: iDownload Blog