New Beats Pill+ speakers with a Lightning port launched for $229

Beats Pill+

#Beats (owned by #Apple) has just released the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speakers carrying a price tag of $229. Although it’s quite identical to the now discontinued Beats XL, the Beats Pill+ is slightly larger and has a flatter design. The device has two woofers, so you can expect excellent audio output from these speakers.

What’s interesting here is that the device comes with a lightning port, which can be used for charging. This means Apple device owners can use their existing Lightning cables to charge the Beats Pill+.

At $229, these aren’t the cheapest Bluetooth speakers you can find, but considering the kind of popularity and presence Beats has in the global markets, we can expect this device to have a significant impact on the market. This is the first Beats hardware to be launched since Apple acquired Beats last year, so it’s a significant device.

Here are the product highlights of the Beats Pill+ as listed by Beats:

  • Sound – The Beats Pill+ is slightly larger than the original Beats Pill speaker, allowing for a bigger and fuller sound. The stereo active 2-way crossover system creates an optimized sound field for dynamic range and clarity across all genres of music. Tweeter and woofer separation uses the same acoustic mechanics found in professional recording studios around the world.
  • Design – With its clean and sophisticated design, Beats Pill+ speaker looks as good as it sounds. Compact and durable enough to throw in your bag, the Beats Pill+ is designed to go wherever you do. Convenient button controls are now at the top of the speaker so you can manage your music with ease.
  • Power management – The Beats Pill+ speaker has a 12-hour battery life to stay charged on the go. The lightning cable and power supply provide a quick full charge in just 3 hours. Keep track of your power levels with the fuel gauge so you always know how much battery is left and use the USB port to charge out.


Via: Wired