Google Translate update brings iPad Split View support

Apple iPad Google Translate

#GoogleTranslate on the iPad has seen a big update today which finally introduces Split View support on the device. This means that users can have the app running and open another window (messages, notes etc) to translate content more efficiently. Apart from this, Google Translate can now detect printed text using the camera in more languages than before. Users can now translate text from German and English to Arabic.

Here’s the complete changelog for Google Translate (version 4.2.0)

  • iPad Air 2: Split view support for easy copy-pasting on iOS 9

  • Instant camera translation now available from German and English to Arabic

  • Improved rendering for several writing systems

  • Support for Myanmar (Burmese) handwriting input

  • Several bug fixes and usability improvements

Split Screen multitasking is supported by the newer crop of iPads and is a feature that was introduced by Apple with iOS 9. With real time text translation, Google Translate can be of great help to users who are traveling to a foreign country.

So if you have a compatible iPad, make sure you download the update by heading over to the iTunes App Store from your device. Or simply navigate to the link below.

Source: iTunes App Store