Apple’s new iPhone 6s ad showcases 3D Touch and the Rose Gold model, featuring Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx iPhone 6s Ad

Although on the outset it might seem like the #Apple #iPhone6s is merely an incremental upgrade over the predecessor, there’s no denying that a lot is different this time around. The company has now posted a new video ad showcasing one such feature – 3D Touch. This feature focuses on pressure sensitivity and can interact with the UI in multiple ways as shown in the video.

The end has a surprise cameo by Jamie Foxx, who is shown donning the Rose Gold variant of the iPhone 6s. Some humor ensues as is the nature with almost every mobile ad these days and the video ends with the line – “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

The iPhone 6s has seen incredible demand from customers all over the world. The handset is on its way to break records, much like its predecessor did last year. You can check out the commercial in its entirety below. In addition to 3D Touch, the iPhone 6s also introduced a new Rose Gold color variant and a significantly upgraded camera underneath.

Source: YouTube

Via: iDownload Blog