Apple’s new Beats Pill+ app on Android gets raging one star reviews

Beats Pill+

The #BeatsPill+ companion app made its way to #iOS and #Android recently. Given how Apple’s first Android app was treated by Android fans, we did expect similar treatment for the latest app. And it seems like we were right as Android fans have left widespread one-star reviews for the new app on the Google Play Store, for no apparent reason other than the fact that the app was developed by Apple.

This is indicative of the things to come when Apple releases the standalone Apple Music application on Android. Interestingly, Beats Music still enjoys a healthy ratio of five star reviews. This is because the app was available in the Play Store long before Apple acquired Beats Audio.

As for Beats Pill+, it’s merely a companion application that is supposed to let you pair with the speakers more easily and make your lives easier while operating the speakers. Keeping that in mind, the app does a very good job. So don’t let the one-star reviews bother you all that much. If you happen to own the Beats Pill+ speakers and also own an Android device that you would like to control it with, make sure you download it from the link below.

Source: Google Play Store