Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus witness rousing reception in Samsung’s home turf

iPhone 6s

The #Apple #iPhone6s has no doubt seen an amazing response on a global level. Naturally, the demand only continues to soar as the smartphone is made available in more regions. South Korea saw a similar response earlier where the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus pre-orders were sold out within a matter of 30 minutes, speaking volumes about the demand there is for Apple’s new flagships.

Now this won’t usually make for a surprising reading, but considering that this is a region that has historically been loyal to Samsung smartphones, this new report does bring up an interesting debate. Is Samsung losing the hold on its home turf? Or is this merely a tactic by Apple to subdue its competition. We can’t tell for now, but this sure makes for an exciting headline, especially if you’re from Apple’s camp.

Actual figures are still not public yet, but we’re guessing a few hundred thousand units would have been made available in the first round of the pre-order. The smartphones will officially release in South Korea on the 23rd of October, with pre-orders initially being delayed and going live now. What do you make of these figures?

Source: Yonhap

Via: Apple Insider