Amazon to stop selling Apple TV and Chromecast due to incompatibility with Prime Video

Apple TV

#AppleTV has its own ecosystem for content. And while the device was available from Amazon, it didn’t support the Amazon Prime Video service. Keeping this in mind, the retailer has decided to stop sales of the Apple TV altogether. The Google Chromecast has also seen a similar fate from the retailer.

Amazon has apparently started sending out emails to its marketplace partners informing them of the change. The existing inventory will supposedly be removed while the retailer will remove listings starting October 29. This move could also be encouraged by the fact that the retailer wants to push more units of its Fire TV set-top-box which was only recently announced with 4K support (something that the Apple TV lacks).

This change will only impact customers who prefer shopping from Amazon, but there are a variety of retailers out there that will still sell the Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Do you think it’s selfish of Amazon to drop popular items such as Apple TV and the Google Chromecast.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: iPhone Hacks