Some Best Buy stores in the U.S. now supporting Apple Pay

Apple Pay

#ApplePay is officially available, although it is far from becoming mainstream. With only a handful of retailers currently supporting Apple’s wireless payment service, it still has a long way to go. A new report is now suggesting that some Best Buy outlets across the U.S. have now started accepting payments through this service.

This essentially means that you will be able to make any payment wirelessly if you have your Apple Pay account set up, and if the Best Buy store supports it. There are multiple posts on Reddit confirming the acceptance of Apple Pay at Best Buy and even a video which demonstrates how it works.

Since Apple hasn’t made a formal announcement yet, we’re guessing this is only a partial rollout for now. But if you find that the Best Buy outlet near you is supporting Apple’s new wireless payment service, make sure you drop a line below in the comments section.

Have you been a user of Apple Pay? How are you liking it?

Source: Reddit

Via: MacRumors