iOS App Thinning feature supposedly delayed over issues with iCloud

iOS 9 App Thinning

Last year when #Apple introduced #iOS8, there was quite a lot of uproar among customers over the free space that it took up. Apple came up with a solution for the issue this year with a feature called App Thinning, which was supposed to debut with #iOS9. A new revelation has found that the rollout of this feature has been delayed by Apple after encountering some issues with iCloud.

App Thinning is possible thanks to App slicing, On Demand Resources and Bitcode. But it is found that older device backups are not able to be restored on a newer device. So until Apple figures out this issue with iCloud backups and restore, the feature has been put on hold. Apple has posted details of this on its official developer site.

App Thinning is a landmark feature for Apple as this would finally allow 16GB models of iPhones to properly function without the users worrying about the storage space running out quickly.

This feature is possible by keeping only the bare essential assets on the device and removing unnecessary content from the apps. For example, an app that is optimized for the iPhone 6s might not need the same amount of graphics for a slightly older and smaller model like the iPhone 5s.

Apple has mentioned that until the issue is resolved, users will have to make do with the full versions of the apps. So owners of the 16GB iPhone models might not be too happy right now.

Source: Apple

Via: Apple Insider