iOS 9 already running on 50% of all iOS devices, setting a new company record

iOS 9

#Apple has seen immense growth over the past few years and it’s no surprise that the number continues to grow with each year. One metric to judge the company’s success in the mobile industry is to see how many of its devices are up to date with the software, something which Google’s Android platform still struggles to keep up with.

According to Apple, the company’s most recent iOS 9 operating system is already running on more than 50% of all iOS devices. That’s the fastest adoption rate ever for the company and has quite easily set a new record. iOS 9 was made available just a couple of weeks ago, right after the announcement of the new iPhones.

Phil Schiller has gone on to say that iOS 9 could be the most downloaded software in the company’s history, which again is not a surprise, given the hundreds and thousands of new users it has added to the iOS roster since the release of the iPhone 6 last year. The iOS 9 adoption figures could only grow over the coming days as more people download and install the update on their devices.

The update is compatible with 20 iOS devices, including the four newly released devices such as the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and the iPad mini 4.

Source: Apple

Via: Fone Arena