Apple’s patent for a slimmer headphone jack could pave the way for even thinner iPhones

Apple Headphone Jack Patent

While the current crop of #iPhones are quite thin, it seems like #Apple could be pushing for even thinner models over the coming years. A new patent application filed by the Cupertino giant talks of slimmer headphone jacks to accommodate for a thin smartphone overall. This is accompanied by a different looking plug (pictured above), known as the D-shaped connector in the patent application.

This specially designed plug while quite identical to the standard 3.5 mm plug, is significantly different from the current crop of 3.5 mm plugs. From first glance, it’s almost like the standard 3.5mm plug has been halved. The design is in the form of a ‘D’ thus explaining the reasoning behind the name.

What this also means is that conventional 3.5mm headphone plugs will not fit into these 3.5mm jacks given the shrinkage in size. This could be a big concern for the customers if the idea ever comes to fruition. We must be mindful of the fact that although Apple has patents in abundance, not all of them materialize, so it is possible that this might be one such patent.

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Source: Apple Insider