Apple iPhone 6s teardown reveals components worth $245

iPhone 6s Components

The #Apple #iPhone6s is an expensive device, everybody knows that. But did you know how much the components inside the device cost? Well, this report might shock you to a certain degree. A teardown has found that the device only has parts worth $245 underneath, which is telling a lot as the entry level 16GB model is priced at $649 off contract from Apple.

Interestingly, the overall components cost is only seeing an increase of $16.50 from last year’s iPhone 6, suggesting that not a lot has changed (apart from the camera sensor of course). What this price doesn’t include is the R&D costs that were incurred by Apple in developing and designing the new custom SoC for the iPhone 6s. Not to mention new technology like 3D Touch, which has opened up new horizons for mobile usage.

Overall, it’s very apparent that Apple tends to make a lot of profits with its products, which is also reflected in the company’s income and revenues every quarter.

What do you make of these findings? You can get the detailed analysis and breakdown of the iPhone 6s in the source link below.

Source: Tech Insights

Via: Mobile Syrup