Apple iPad mini 4 revealed to be packing 2GB of RAM and a smaller battery

iPad mini 4

The #iPadMini4 is undoubtedly an upgrade over the third gen variant. A new teardown has now revealed as to exactly what’s different with the new model and the findings might surprise many.

While the tablet is shown to be sporting 2GB of RAM underneath, the battery capacity is revealed to be smaller this time around. This is a surprise as iPads have always known to be sporting long lasting batteries. The iPad mini 4 is packing a 5,124 mAh battery while the predecessor was packing a 6,471 mAh unit, so that might make quite a lot of difference.

But since we don’t have real world data on the battery life of the tablet, it’s too early to jump to conclusions in that regard. The teardown has also revealed that the FaceTime camera on the front is significantly smaller compared to the 3rd gen model, despite retaining the same sensor. This tells us that the company has made some design changes to reduce the footprint of the front camera.

It’s all good news overall and the experts found there to be some similarities with the iPad Air 2 in terms of design. There’s no doubt that this is going to be the most popular iPad this year, especially since Apple hasn’t launched a full sized iPad Air model in 2015, sticking with the iPad Pro and the iPad mini 4.


Source: iFixit