Report: Apple pushing its TV subscription service to 2016

Apple TV

As per a new report, Apple’s new TV subscription service will not be shown off this year and will be released in 2016 instead. The report from Bloomberg cites Apple’s failure to sign with major providers like NBC, CBS and 21st Century Fox as one of the reasons for the delay.

It is also said that Cupertino giant currently doesn’t have enough data centers and the network infrastructure to support a service like this, which means 2016 should be optimal for the release of the new TV subscription service. Apple’s data centers are currently available in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon, while a bulk of its distribution is done by Akamai Technologies.

As a consolation, it is said that the company will launch an upgraded Apple TV set-top box next month during the iPhone unveiling, so there’s something to be happy about for fans. It’s obviously a little disappointing to learn that the company’s streaming service will not see the light of the day this year, but given the reasons listed out by this report, it seems like a wise call as Apple wouldn’t want to bring a half baked product to the market.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Apple Insider