Leak reveals 16GB model of the iPhone 6s [Photo]

iPhone 6s - 16GB

It was widely believed that #Apple would ditch the 16GB storage option for the upcoming range of iPhones. But that doesn’t appear to be the case, going by a new leak accessed by renowned leakster @OnLeaks a.k.a Steve Hemmerstoffer.

The image you see above is of the actual retail packaging from the iPhone 6s, which clearly shows the storage option in an enlarged font, as is customary for Apple’s iPhones.

Given the amount of storage taken by iOS, it was widely believed that Apple would ditch the 16GB model and bump it up to 32GB, which would give enough space to the users to tinker around with.

It seems like Apple is keeping the developing countries in mind here as entry level iPhones usually sell well in such regions. When iOS 7 was released two years ago, there was some controversy surrounding the amount of free space left after the OS update. So fans would hope that iOS 9 wouldn’t have such issues on board.

It has been rumored that the iPhone 6s would come with a 12-megapixel camera on the back which would capable of 4K video recording. The rumor from yesterday also said that the handset would carry a front facing LED flash, although we suggest you take that with a pinch of salt for now.

In terms of the build quality, Apple is said to be using a superior 7000 Series aluminum which should increase the durability to a great extent.

Source: @stagueve – Twitter

Via: iDownload Blog