Google for iOS app gets support for always-on “Ok Google” commands

Google iOS

Although iOS has the Siri voice assistant by default, users have also been given the option to make use of Google’s offering, also known as Google Now. This is the default voice assistant on Android and comes with nifty voice search features which gives it an edge over the competitors. However, it has been found to be lacking in some of the native tasks when compared to something like Siri.

Google has now issued a new update to its app on iOS, which brings support for the always-on “OK Google” hotword detection. But unlike Android, this doesn’t work from the home screen and you will need to have the app open in order for this to work.¬†Given that Google has a built in browser in the app, you can quickly pop an OK Google command while the page is loading or if you want to check for something quickly.

It’s not as snappy as on Android, but it’s certainly a start. You can get the updated version of Google from the link below.

Source: iTunes App Store

Via: iPhone Hacks