Best Buy says Apple Watch demand more than expected

Apple Watch - Sport

The #AppleWatch only recently made its way to Best Buy, which was big considering that the wearable was only available from Apple prior to that. The retailer has now mentioned that the demand for Apple’s wearable has been soaring ever since it was revealed and is more than they initially anticipated.

And as a reaction to this overwhelming response, Best Buy has announced that it will carry the wearable in all 1050 of its retail locations across the U.S. by the end of next month, while the wearable is currently sold in just 300 outlets. The good news for the retailer is that the demand has been high both in-store and online, so it’s not set to a certain demographic.

The information was given away by the CEO of Best Buy¬†Hubert Joly himself, while speaking on a conference call with analysts. He said – “Demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in the stores and online.”

The CEO also mentioned that Apple products in general will get more focus in its retail outlets, which is good news for Apple and its fans. Have you checked out the Apple Watch from your nearest Best Buy outlet yet? If not, make sure you do.

Source: Fortune

Via: iDownload Blog