Apple claims it doesn’t want to start its own mobile network

Tim Cook - Apple

With Google recently launching Project Fi, there was speculation that Apple was also looking to become a MVNO, thus formally stepping into the mobile carrier business. However, the company has categorically dismissed these claims in a new statement.

An Apple spokeswoman said – “We have not discussed nor do we have any plans to launch an MVNO,” putting a rest to all the rumors that have surfaced recently.

Considering the direction that Google was headed, it was an understandable assumption to make that Apple would join the fray as well. But it’s good to see the company come out in the open and clear the air about things rather than let the rumors and speculations build any further.

The original report had claimed that Apple’s intentions to start a mobile carrier of its own was an open secret in the telecom industry. However, with Apple denying those claims, we don’t see if the report has any weight now. That being said, Apple might just be playing it safe by keeping this under the wraps. So we can’t write off Apple from this just yet. What do you think?

Source: Reuters

Via: iDownload Blog