Yahoo steps on Snapchat’s turf with its new LiveText messaging app

Yahoo Live Text

Yahoo has just released the LiveText application for iOS and Android platforms, with functionality similar to that of Snapchat, but with an added twist. With LiveText, users will be able to “video text”, which essentially means that you can see each other in a conversation, but won’t get audio output as the talking will be done via text. We’re not sure that makes sense, but Yahoo certainly likes to think so.

The internet giant is launching the app in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France initially with more regions to follow soon. It must be noted that this service will not be a replacement to Yahoo Messenger in any way and will function independently.

The app is already live from Hong Kong’s App Store, but is yet to appear on the U.S. or the UK App Store, so make sure you try downloading the app from the link below.

In the meanwhile, here are some of the key features of the app as listed by the developers:

  • Free forever— You and your friends can live video text as much as you want! Livetext uses your internet connection (Wi-Fi when available and your cell connection otherwise.)
  • One-to-one— Not for group messaging, it’s like you’re passing notes in class.
    Text + live video Both at the same time – it’s amazing.
  • No calls— Just live video text your friends and you’ll see them instantly when they enter chat.
  • Add friends— Use their Livetext ID or your address book contacts to connect.
  • Profile picture— Use any image to show your friends who you are

Source: Yahoo, iTunes App Store

Via: iDownload Blog