Spotify doesn’t want you to get its premium subscription through the iTunes App Store


Spotify has sent out an email to customers of its paid music streaming service, urging them to purchase or renew their subscription over their website rather than through the iOS app. The reasoning behind this is to save $3 on the costs as renewing or getting a premium Spotify subscription through the App Store costs $12.99, while getting it directly from Spotify’s website will only set you back by $9.99, which is the same pricing as Apple Music.

The reasoning behind the increased pricing on the App Store is to make up for the 30% revenue cut that Apple demands from every in-app purchase made through their iOS apps. While this might seem like a strange way to lure customers into saving money. it’s good to see that Spotify is raising awareness among customers to save some dough on their premium music streaming service.

Spotify is rivaled by Apple Music which was launched in the end of June and is currently on a three month free trial. The developers behind Spotify also mention in the email that customers who have an ongoing subscription cannot avail this benefit and will have to wait until their subscription ends to renew it from Spotify’s official website.

Do you think Spotify is justified in encouraging users to bypass the iTunes App Store?

Via: The Verge