Siri will call the police if you ask for your phone to be charged 100%

Siri iPhone

Let’s say you’re feeling a little adventurous one day and want to ask your virtual assistant to charge your phone. Well if you own an iPhone, you might want to refrain from doing that as it has been discovered that the phone will call the police voluntarily. Once the command is sent, the user only has about five seconds to cancel it, so you might end up calling the authorities on accident.

This is most likely a bug that has gone undiscovered, but now that it has come to the surface, expect Apple to fix it soon. Although a regular user will not ask Siri to charge the iPhone on its own (because it’s simply not possible), this could cause some embarrassment for Apple. The company is yet to comment on this particular bug.

There’s a theory floating around that this is a security feature that Apple has built in to let users call the authorities during a burglary or such dire circumstances. However, since Apple didn’t mention anything of this nature during its iOS 8 keynote, we’re not sure this is intentional. You can check out the screenshot above and follow the same command on your iPhone to see what Siri responds with.

Via: The Verge