Showtime now available on Apple TV for $10.99, no cable subscription required

Showtime - Apple TV

Although Showtime has been available via Apple TV before, it required a qualifying cable TV subscription for the users to access content. However, that’s changing now with a standalone Showtime streaming service being announced for $10.99.

There’s even a free one month trial period on offer, which will give you a good idea of how the service works. This will be limited to the¬†Apple TV for now with plans to launch a dedicated iOS app somewhere down the line.

This newly announced service will give users access to all the premium programming on their big screen and with the mobile app on the horizon, things look very bright for fans of Showtime content, which includes critically acclaimed shows like Ray Donovan, Shameless, Homeland etc.

The channel should have been automatically added on your Apple TV box by now, but if it hasn’t make sure you check the Settings for an update. The big takeaway from this new Showtime service is that it does not require users to have a prior cable connection, which has been a criticism of such streaming apps in the past. This app will take the likes of HBO Go head-on, although it’s possible for both to co-exist given the wide range of content on offer.

Source: Re/Code